A home where relaxation is more than skin deep.

if design award 2020

GENOME HOUSE is a project to create “a home where you can relax at the genetic level” by designing interior spaces and home appliances based on the owner's genetic data.
The cost of analyzing our genetic data has dropped to just one-millionth of what it was over ten years ago, and services that allow individuals to analyze their own genetic data are emerging both domestically and overseas. This time, using the genetic data of a fictional woman named “Shoko-san,” based on Shoko Takahashi, the CEO of our genetic analysis partner, Genequest, we created “the ultimate personalized bedroom”. We designed Shoko-san's room using consumer electronics and materials specifically chosen to suit her unique skin type and sleep rhythm. This project, opened to the public at RELIFE STUDIO FUTAKO, a showroom in Tsutaya Electronics, is designed to ignite debate about how we should use genetic data in everyday products in the future.

genome-house_01 genome-house_02 genome-house_03 genome-house_04 genome-house_05 genome-house_06 genome-house_07