Sharpen your sense of touch

reddot award 2023

Recently, children have been exposed to more and more digital devices, and information is mainly transmitted visually and audibly, and there is concern that this trend may have a negative impact on the development of the senses.

HAPTIC PUZZLE is a puzzle that encourages the development of children's sensory integration, especially their sense of touch. It encourages children to explore shapes and cultivate their imagination by relying on their sense of touch and delicate colors. This puzzle provides a foundation for the development of sensory integration and the cultivation of higher senses by developing the sense of touch and imagination in a fun way.

Explore shapes and stimulate imagination

HAPTIC PUZZLE is a three-dimensional puzzle in which a three-dimensional object is divided into multiple pieces, and each piece of the puzzle is surrounded by a soft, translucent silicon cube. Children explore the shape of the three-dimensional object by pushing the silicone cubes and connecting adjacent cubes, using their sense of touch to solve the puzzle.


In addition, the puzzle is designed to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. When the completed puzzle is illuminated from below, the beautiful silhouettes of the three-dimensional objects emerge and can be compared to the shapes imagined from tactile sensations.