A dried fruit-bar maker that can create delectable peace of mind

HARVEST is a culinary tool that creates ‘solid juice’ dried fruit bars from freshly cut fruit, using original recipes
This product can bring the pleasures of food not just to people who want to apply their creativity and create their own recipes. It’s also for people who are concerned about food safety and health, and who want to prepare their food using fresh ingredients with their own hands. In the development phase of HARVEST, we started off by investigating based on our own experiences with food that we then explored through the project. We started by creating food prototypes based on appealing recipes and by gathering feedback on eating ‘solid juice’ from regular visitors of a café we operated for a limited time. We then analyzed the feedback from a wide-ranging study of user values with an eye to creating a product that would eventually be marketable.

harvest_01 harvest_02 harvest_03