Serendipitous journey with cloud of words

reddot award 2022

When you eat something tasty or see a beautiful scenery, words may come to your mind. When you vocalize such words to KOTOBATABI, the words converted into text by voice recognition become a cloud and soar in the digital space connected to reality. The cloud of words can be viewed through a smartphone or AR glasses.

Words uttered rise into the air, and in a vibrant place, the words of many people gather as a cloud. The clouds of words become landmarks and may encourage people to visit new places. This is an application that encourages the beginning of a new journey.

The World of Filter Bubble

In a world where we can only see what we like and who we like by filtering information through the evolution of AI and acquiring information by following social networking services, the danger of one-mind increases, narrowing the range of thinking and our own potential.

Also, as we spend more time in digital spaces such as the metaverse, we will be able to connect with anyone anywhere in the world, but we will have fewer physical action experiences, and our connections with our neighborhood to us and the community in which we live will become increasingly diluted.

In a future where augmented reality, in which digital data is superimposed on real space, has evolved and become commonplace in everyday life, we have designed a new experience that allows people to acquire unfiltered, real information, such as familiar information they have never been exposed to, other people's values, and the feelings of people where they go, to escape the filter bubble and realize new discoveries and changing everyday life.



You can view the surrounding cloud of words with the App and leave your own cloud of words by voice input. In addition, a simple voice input tool, KOTOBATABI Device, with built-in GPS that allows you to leave cloud of words without using a smartphone is worn it around your neck or attach it to your bag to be notified by glowing at the location of the cloud of words, which can lead to new discoveries. Even children can easily leave words, and parents and children can enjoy watching the cloud of words with their smartphones or AR glasses, expanding the world of KOTOTABI.

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A journey to encounter new values in a cloud of words

If you find a cloud of words gathering, you might go on a little trip to discover or meet someone over there, if you see the word "delicious" floating around, you might be more excited than ever to head there, imagining what kind of restaurant you might find there.

In a future where AR and mirrored worlds are commonplace, why don't you experience a life full of accidental discoveries where the digital and physical are fused together?

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