In an unfamiliar landscape, We create words and relationships

Innovative approaches for revealing the charm of the community by establishing and transforming the connections between individuals and the community, which have become increasingly diluted.

As individuals are able to undertake a multitude of their daily activities, such as employment and sustenance, from the convenience of their domiciles, digital technology may exacerbate the trend towards supplanting the extraordinary experience of repatriating or exploring distant locales. In a future where physical mobility is diminishing and "interconnectivity betweenindividuals and communities" is becoming increasingly attenuated, we pose the query of what novel forms of relationships will transpire.

Have you ever inscribed a message on an ema (a wooden plaque used for votive offerings) at a shrine, or in a notebook situated in a museum or eatery, leaving a trace of your own existence within the community? When revisiting a place after an interval of time, one can discern a faint sense of connection with the community through the words one had previously left behind. This nostalgic experience is re-created utilizing the technology of the digital age. When one types words into their smartphone, those words will be transmitted to a distant town and will create a new attraction and culture in that region.

There are an array of various permutations of words and scenery. Wishes, prayers, confessions, blurbs, notes, jokes. From monologues to messages, your free words and the new scenert that will be created. Connecting people and communities with words and create new relationships. Would you like to participate in “MESH ART PROJECT”?

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