Cycle mobility for loitering

In the quest for speed, efficiency, comfort, and safety, a variety of vehicles have been developed, and self-driving cars have been put to practical use. As "mobility" becomes even smarter in the future, we came up with the idea of "mobility" inspired by the Japanese idiom "道草を食う (michikusa wo kuu)" as a rich mobility experience that will be sought after.
In an age where technology is making everything "as you wish," contingency and serendipity will stimulate us and enrich our lives. Selfindulgent, "grazing on the road" mobility may bring us chance encounters in the midst of our travels.

loit_001 loit_007

The Japanese idiom "道草を食う (michikusa wo kuu)" means "eating grass growing on the roadside," and derives from the fact that horses eat grass growing on the roadside to slow down their steps. From there, it is used as an analogy for spending time on things that do not need to be done and has a negative image.
However, we focused on the time and experiences that can only come from this carefree and free behavior, and came up with the idea of a pet or partner-like mobility "Loit" that leads to "the experience of eating grass on the roadside.

Soft body

By covering it with a soft material that makes you want to pet it, we have made it feel familiar, as if you were in contact with a living creature. The stretchy fabric also makes it possible to express movement as if Loit were breathing.


Handles expressing emotions

Loit's emotions are expressed through the steering wheel while stopped, just as an animal's ears stand up when it senses something or the movement of its tail expresses its happy feelings.


Shape as an animal

By daring to give a bicycle, which is generally made by welding pipes together, a volumetric shape that feels like a living organism, the impression of mechanical mobility is suppressed and the bicycle gives the feeling of "going out together" with the user.


A Saddle with a Heartbeat

The heartbeat is one of the most biological elements. You can feel the heartbeat while moving through the saddle area, which has a large surface area in contact with the bicycle, and it may give you a chance to take a break yourself by taking care of Loit.


Pedals that convey intention

When the vehicle is stopped, the pedals, along with the steering wheel, convey the desire to go out and the state of energy. And while driving, it not only assists you, but also conveys your intentions by making the pedals heavier to stay where Loit's whims and interests take it.