Buying Into a New Future

What do you think about when you spend money?
When you buy bread in front of you, you think, "That looks delicious." When watching a movie, you think, "That seems interesting." When making a donation, you think, "I did something good." Yes, we thought so too.
But we wondered. For example, buying bread at this bakery might be the trigger that affects the future of the bakery, this area, and our future. Because it helps the wheat farmers needed to make the bread, or it enriches the people who do the transportation and processing, or it might even help stop environmental destruction, though we don't think that far. There's no end once you start thinking about it.
What it's like after you spend money, how you and those around you change. If you could imagine the story of the future, even a little more than now. How do you think your life would change?


"Monesophy Store"
March 22, 2024 - March 24, 2024

What is Monesophy?

At FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, we have defined the personal philosophies that guide our actions when earning and spending money as “Monesophy” (= the axis of thinking when spending money).
Monesophy varies from person to person, but in this project, we classified them into nine types and imagined what kind of future each type would create.


9 Types of Monesophy

Clicking on each type allows you to see the details of the Monesophy type.


Valuing major traditions and formalities

Preacher of the Classics

A person passionate about preserving and promoting the value of historical techniques and materials. You see value in traditions and culture expanding over time and being loved by many, supported by the quality and reliability of famous brands. You believe these traditions continue to shine and be loved in the modern era.


Discerning high quality and securing assurance

Seeker of Trust

A person who values stability and trust, making the best choices within a sense of security. As the core of society or an organization, you cherish a solid foundation and track record and approach new challenges cautiously. Trust connects people and is essential for building long-term relationships.


Sensitively grasping societal changes

Pioneer of Evolution

A person who promotes social and industrial transformation, blazing a new future with bold innovation. Unconstrained by traditional thinking, you fearlessly update life and thoughts, actively utilizing and expanding innovative technologies and new business models to accelerate societal evolution.


Enjoying community-rooted traditions

Successor of Traditions

A person who passes on the history, traditions, techniques, and culture of their community to the next generation. You find value in traditions that continue to live on today, protecting and reinterpreting local unique culture and traditions in a new form to resonate with contemporary people.


Exceptional balance sense, seeking harmony

Mediator of Society

A person who has the talent to connect people from different backgrounds, serving as a bridge between diverse cultures, building mutual understanding and respect. You believe the richness of society is in balancing individual talents and organizational impact, as well as traditional culture with technology.


Believing in the power of teams, pushing forward

Pioneer of Trends

A person who brings new ideas to the community and leads people toward the future. You find joy in working on innovative projects together with a team or community. You see value in the power of teams and communities beyond individual expertise, building a new future with their connections and creativity.


Falling in love with artisanal skills, adoring historical details

Guardian of Master Craftsmen

A person dedicated to weaving timeless beauty and wisdom through past master craftsmanship and exceptional sense. You deeply respect handcrafted art and classic literature, valuing their achievements and continuing to receive and protect the messages they convey from the past to the present.


Enthusiastically following current stars, trailing behind

Backer of Maestros

A person captivated by modern stars and trending creators, hoping their talent and influence expand further. You actively support already accomplished individuals, pushing them towards greater success, and believe they play an important role in bringing new life to society and culture.


Empathizing with the talent of the next generation, pioneering new horizons

Frontier Explorer

A person who recognizes the value in promising young talents and potential societal innovators, supporting their path as illuminators. You also learn and grow at the forefront of innovation, cutting a new path for the next generation together with future innovators. Meetings with new ideas and technologies are not just exciting, they also stimulate your imagination of how the world could change through them.

Monesophy Store

"Monesophy Store" is an event that lets you experience the concept of Monesophy. It provides an opportunity to think and talk about money in a fun way with family and friends through a diagnosis of your Monesophy type and a simulated purchasing experience, comparing different future stories as they change.

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