A project to explore ways of living better in the future, building on our humanity

「Next Humanity is a project that seeks to build products of the future based on the human qualities that can’t be delivered by user-friendliness or efficiency alone in today’s fast-moving world of technology.
What kind of rich urban lifestyle do we want for ourselves in 2030? With this concept in mind, we predict that distinctly human creativity and imagination will be the key. We’ve created the following projects that draw naturally on these concepts: Feast, an electric tablecloth that allows food to be cooked and kept warm regardless of location, and allows cooks and guests to enjoy a meal together; Drip, an ambient projector that takes in everything around you and projects relevant information on the floor like ripples on a pond; and Bloom, a vital plant that conveys your health condition based on your vital signs by opening up like a blooming flower and emitting different intensities of light, letting you sense changes in your health and that of your family.