Future Life with Noasobi 2

Water connects nature and people

An old silent pond
A frog jumps into the pond­
Splash! Silence again.
by Matsuo Basho

In Japan, we are blessed with a natural environment nurtured by water, giving rise to diverse cultural expressions like haiku and gardens. In a country with abundant rainfall and distinct rainy seasons, water has always been woven into our daily lives, connecting nature and people.

Yet, in today's urban lifestyles, we find ourselves drifting away from nature, possibly losing awareness that water is a precious gift of nature. In this era, it's time to reconsider our bond with nature.

Through water, let's rediscover the richness of nature we once took for granted. Realize, with all our senses, that we are an integral part of nature. Why not envision a "future life" where nature and humanity coexist?

As a continuation of last year's project "Future Life with Noasobi," we explored the possibilities of future living, centered around the theme of "Reconnect with Nature." This collaborative effort brought together the rich lifestyle perspectives of FUTURE LIFE FACTORY + Panasonic Design NY and Snow Peak.

Japan has long valued the connection between nature and people, a relationship symbolized by the animistic belief that gods dwell in all things in nature. By expressing the relationship with nature inherent in Japanese culture through experiential forms, we contemplated what the universal richness of nature means in a global society.

Among the elements of nature, water is particularly integral to our lives. Take rain, for example: it is a blessing essential for the growth of plants and crops, yet it also has the potential to threaten human life. Water has permeated every aspect of Japanese life, as our history as an agrarian society illustrates. In modern urban living, we can easily access water by turning on a faucet, but this convenience risks causing us to forget the origins of the water provided by nature.

Join us in this immersive experience where the call of water resonates in every sense. Consciously sharpen your five senses to a heightened resolution-listen to the melodic sound of water with your ears, witness its fluid dance with your eyes, and touch it with focused awareness. Immerse yourself in these designs, elevating your senses to their primal levels, reminiscent of an era when humanity shared a profound relationship with nature. Embrace the journey, and let the whispers of water rekindle the ancient connection within.