Vineyard Walkers

Enjoying sustainability

Do you ever end up throwing away things that could still be useful if repaired? If we can continue to enjoy the act of repairing, we may be able to use things even longer than before. If repairs can be done with materials derived from everyday enjoyment, we will be able to continue to use things with even more love and care. Vineyard Walkers is an action design project that makes such actions possible while having fun.

This time, we considered using wine cork stoppers as a repair material. Drink wine in a pleasant mood and use the leftover cork stopper to repair the worn parts. Anyone can continue sustainable behavior while having fun.

Sole of footwear

When the soles of footwear wear out, they can continue to be worn if they are repaired. However, many people find it troublesome to repair the soles themselves or to ask someone else to do so, and they throw the shoes away.
On the other hand, it has been pointed out that when synthetic resins are included in the sole's composition, each time the sole wears out, the fragments are released as microplastics, which in turn pollute rivers and oceans. To avoid this, it is effective to choose footwear with soles made of naturally derived materials.
In light of these issues, we came up with a sole that can be repaired with easily available wine cork stoppers.


Bicycle tires

When riding a bicycle, tires sometimes get flat tires. It is common to repair the puncture yourself or ask a store to do so, but the repair is troublesome and some people stop riding their bicycles as it is because they do not want to have a puncture itself.
Therefore, we have come up with a bicycle tire that never gets a puncture and can be repaired with a corkscrew even if it wears out.


Chair leg covers

To prevent damage to the floor, felt covers are often applied to the ends of chair legs. However, it often happens that before you know it, it comes off and you find yourself sitting on a chair without the cover.
To prevent this situation, we have made leg covers that allow cork stoppers to be securely attached to the tips. When the cork stopper wears out, it can be easily replaced.