A ‘window’ that can be hung on a wall, relaxing your mind and body

reddot award 2017 honourable mention

+WINDOW is an interior product that combines features that reproduce natural light, wind, and environmental sounds, and looks just like a real window.
With an LED that imitates natural light, a small fan that simulates shifts of natural wind, and speakers that emit natural environmental sounds, this device alleviates the sense of restriction and entrapment in windowless rooms and creates a space where you can relax. We worked with Fukui University Hospital to measure the effects of +WINDOW on people, analyzing their reactions using their brain waves, pulse, and salivary components. Based on the results +WINDOW was shown to provide relaxing effects in windowless rooms. We can describe this as a rare technique that applies a medical approach to mathematically quantify one’s sensitivity to design. +WINDOW uses the power of technology and science to design a ‘human’ feeling of ease and comfort in windowless rooms.

window_01 window_02