Early Childhood
Self-reliance / Security
Play-and-Learn Picture Book for Parents and Children
A book about yourself”
Building an open and close relationship with children
to develop healthy attitudes toward sex and sexual identity.

Do you remember feeling awkward discussing sexual matters with your parents when you were a teenager?
We thought about ways for parents to build relationships with their children from early childhood so that this awkwardness can be avoided and important issues concerning sex can be discussed openly.
Our answer was a picture book that allows children to learn and talk about sex as a natural part of life while playing with their parents, siblings, and friends.

Chapter 1. About the Body
What You’ll Learn in This Chapter
  • ●Names of body parts
  • ●Developing
     a positive body image
  • ●Learning that people
     have various body types

Helping children to understand their body and develop a positive body image will support their healthy growth and confidence.

Chapter 2. Private Parts
What You’ll Learn in This Chapter
  • ●Learning about private parts
  • ●What to do
     when feeling uncomfortable
     by someone’s touch
  • ●Practicing how to say

Learning about private parts help children to treat their bodies and the bodies of others with respect and to understand boundaries.

Chapter 3. Understanding Preferences
What You’ll Learn in This Chapter
  • ●Learning that it’s okay
     to dress the way you want
  • ●Learning that it’s okay
     for other people
     to dress the way they want

Children will learn that they don’t need to conform to gender-stereotypes in how they look or dress and that dressing the way they want is a form of self-expression.

3 Features Designed to Support Learning Through Repetition

Enables children to read and learn the content through back-and-forth with the parent.

Black Light

Children will learn the content through a game of finding hidden words and images.

Talking Dress-Up Game

A praising voice will affirm the choice no matter what is chosen.