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Please browse through these photos showing the many "Treasure Hunting" sites available at the Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC).
* Including the previous recycling line.

  • Dozens of truck loads of end-of-life appliances are carried to the plant every day.Download

  • TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. Many end-of-life appliances arrive every day.Download

  • A stockyard for refrigerators. In various sizes and brands.Download

  • End-of-life TVs are lifted to a dismantling base by a reversing device.Download

  • Speedy dismantling is achieved by using a power screwdriver.Download

  • The work flow proceeds on a single line.Download

  • Women also work on the line.Download

  • Air conditioner line. Dismantled parts are sent to a crusher.Download

  • Parts are selected from the pieces of an indoor unit.Download

  • Weight is measured to calculate recycling rate.Download

  • An assist robot is used to convey outdoor units.Download

  • Dust is removed from outdoor units by using an air blower.Download

  • As part of the work flow, objects are efficiently dismantled.Download

  • The refrigerator dismantling line. The parts inside the refrigerator compartments are manually removed.Download

  • The refrigerant CFCs inside the pipes are also thoroughly recovered using a special needle device.Download

  • CFCs are thoroughly recovered.Download

  • Parts are recognized by color labels and carefully recovered by type.Download

  • Refrigerators are sent to a special crusher for CFC-free products.Download

  • The body is sent to the crusher, where it is sorted into metals and plastics.Download

  • The washing machine dismantling line.Download

  • Each one is weighed prior to dismantling, and checked to make sure there is no garbage or anything inside.Download

  • Small parts are removed by hand before the machine is sent to the crusher.Download

  • The structure of each machine is quickly determined, and parts are carefully removed to eliminate waste.Download

  • Salt water that is sealed in vertical washing machines is removed to prevent iron parts from corrosion.Download

  • Printed circuit boards attached to the lid are also precisely dismantled and recovered.Download

  • Tilted drum washing machines with a complicated structure are also quickly dismantled.Download

  • The compressor and heat exchanger from tilt-type washing machines.Download

  • The washing machine body is crushed, and parts are separated into metals and plastics.Download

  • Materials extracted with high purity are conveyed separately by type.Download

  • Materials extracted with high purity are conveyed separately by type to begin their new functions.Download

  • Special hallways throughout the plant enable safe factory tours.Download

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See details about "Recycling Processes," "Factory Tours."

You can see the PETEC pamphlet here.

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