Electric Works Company

Brightening Today.
Powering the Future.

Our business began with the dawn of the electrical age in Japan.

Over 100 years later, Panasonic continues to design, develop, and distribute electrical equipment
that makes a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Supporting individuals, communities, and entire societies is in our DNA.

Panasonic Electric Works is committed to creating a better quality of life with our products
– and addressing global challenges with our sustainable solutions.

Realising our vision for tomorrow, without losing sight of the present.

Brightening Today. Powering the Future.


Our solutions are meeting challenges and making a positive difference around the world.
Panasonic provides eco-friendly, human-centric technology to major national projects that contribute to a sustainable future.


Dazzling the crowds at the state-of-the-art Jakarta International Stadium.


Our Business Areas

From individual houses to industrial complexes, smart energy systems to lighting technology,
Panasonic Electric Works is committed to creating a better quality of life through advanced electrical solutions in multiple sectors.

Lighting Business Division

Pendant Lights LED flat lamps
Pendant Lights
LED flat lamps

In response to diversifying customer needs in homes, offices, commercial facilities, and other settings, we use eco-friendly lighting to enhance people's life.
By pursuing high performance through energy savings, long operating life, durability, and design, our aim is to get closer to our customers by bringing them greater comfort and enriching people's life.

  • Residential lighting

    Residential lighting

    Creating a relaxing environment for both mind and body

  • Office/facility lighting

    Office/facility lighting

    Creating a pleasant work environment

  • Commercial lighting

    Commercial lighting

    Tailoring light wavelengths for diverse facilities

  • Office/facility lighting

    Office/facility lighting

    BioSHADOW simulates natural environments for new value

Energy Systems
Business Division

ADVANCE Series wiring fixture Non-contact switch
ADVANCE Series wiring
fixture Non-contact switch

We offer comfortable living in both residential and nonresidential settings through a wide range of power distribution and information infrastructure, including wiring equipment, distribution panels, home systems, building systems, and Energy Creation-Storage Linkage Systems. Electrical equipment that creates and saves energy contributes to a carbon-free society and resilience to natural disasters.

  • Home IoT AiSEG2

    Home IoT AiSEG2

  • Solar power and strage battery system

    Solar power and storage battery system

  • HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

    HEMS (Home Energy Management System)
    compatible home distribution panel

  • Condominium intercom

    Condominium intercom

  • Residential smoke alarm

    Residential smoke alarm

  • SO-STYLE wiring fixture

    SO-STYLE wiring fixture

Smart Energy Systems
Business Division


Technologies developed for products such as gas meters and ENE-FARM Household Fuel Cells are utilized to achieve a reliable supply of energy and peace of mind.
The use of hydrogen as a source of clean energy helps to protect the global environment and contributes to the realization of a carbon neutral society.

  • Smart Energy Systems Business Division
  • Smart Energy Systems Business Division


The Panasonic GREEN IMPACT concept is an initiative for reducing carbon emissions within the Panasonic Group and society-wide.
The aim is to promote a significant reduction in energy consumption together with the generation and use of clean energy in order to help customers and society achieve carbon neutrality.

Achieve net-zero CO2 emissions of all operating companies by 2030.
We will achieve carbon neutral manufacturing by reducing CO2 emissions at our plants through the adoption of leading-edge technologies and clean energy solutions.

Reduce CO2 emissions of our customers through the use of our products.
We develop energy-saving products and solutions that enable customers to reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives.

Increase contribution to reducing society's CO2 emissions.
We are helping speed up society's shift to carbon neutrality through expanded solutions for business and government (B2B and B2G), starting with significant reductions in energy consumption and by promoting the generation and use of clean energy.