• Field Report

    Our project members periodically visit the project areas to observe the circumstances in which solar lanterns are used, and listen directly to the beneficiaries. Our employees report on the local situation.

  • News

    Latest updates of the 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project.

  • Our Partners

    NGOs and international organizations to which we donate solar lanterns talk with our project members on the challenges faced in off-grid communities and future possibilities for the project.

  • Photo Gallery

    A photo gallery that shows how solar lanterns are used in people's lives in off-grid areas.

  • Voices

    Messages received from recipient organizations on how solar lanterns are used in the off-grid areas.

  • Cut Out the Darkness

    The Cut Out the Darkness Project fits solar lanterns with shades wearing designs gathered from around the world and delivers them to homes and schools in areas without electricity. See the past donated works here.