product desgn award
Liquid Crystal Projector PT-FFW100NT

Gold Award

Liquid Crystal Projector


The simple, movable front panel adopted for this bright liquid crystal projector offers both protection against dust and positioning convenience. Easy operation is assured by the intuitive joystick lens shift and the use of a light gray contrast to set off the operation buttons clearly.

Liquid Crystal Projector PT-LB51NTE

Gold Award

Liquid Crystal Projector


This projector features slim-lined styling that harmonizes with virtually any office or conference room environment and silent operation that avoids distracting attention from the screen. The intuitive independent zoom focus and other controls are laid out conveniently on top for optimum ease of use.

Good Desgin

Long Life Design Award

Business PC


The Toughbook series made it possible to use a PC in rugged environments where it would normally be impossible to use. Responding to the voices of customers in the field,Toughbooks evolved into PCs that are dust-resistant, splash resistant, easy to see under sunlight, and rugged. As a result, Toughbooks established a new category of PCs called “rugged PCs”.

Long Life Design Award

Rechargeable Tools

Basic Series
EZ6230, EZ6605, EZ6502, EZ6121, EZ6225, EZ3502, EZ3902

One of the first small, lightweight, high-powered rechargeable power tools introduced to the market. The Basic Series exponentially widened the area in which these tools can go, because the tools were no longer tethered to an outlet. Many professionals were able to expand the type of work they can perform with these well-designed tools, and many have used and appreciated these tools for a long time.

  • TH-58/65PZ800
  • TH-50/46/42PZ85U
  • TH-50/46/42PZR900,TH-50/46/42PZ800
  • Panasonic SC-HC5
  • DMP-BD35
  • DMR-BW730
  • VL-MWN350
  • VL-CM140/160
  • KX-PX30
  • BF-280,BF-281
  • BF-977P
  • BF-9000
  • BF-8801,BF-8802,BF-8803
  • SV-SD870N
  • RP-HJE900
  • HDC-SD9
  • SDR-SW20
  • NTTdocomo FOMA P706ie
  • au W61P
  • NTT DoCoMo FOMA P906i
  • NTT DoCoMo P-01A
  • NTT DoCoMo FOMA P705iμ
  • SoftBank 822P
  • SoftBank 823P
  • CF-W7,CF-W8,CF-T7,CF-T8
  • AG-HPX175
  • AG-HMC155
  • CF-U1
  • PT-LB80NT,PT-LB80,PT-LW80NT,PT-LB75NT,PT-LB75,PT-X600,PT-X500
  • AW-HE100
  • RAMSA WS-LA232
  • UB-T780
  • CY-ET908KD,CY-ET908K
  • CN-HW1000D
  • CN-HX1000D
  • CN-HDS710TD/HDS700TD/HDS700D
  • CN-MP50D
  • NR-C23VG1
  • XQG52-V52
  • MC-CG880
  • F-PXF35
  • NN-GF478X
  • SR-SV101
  • FC-108R13,FC-W20D8R13T
  • KZ-VW33E
  • NS-8W36 WSVCB
  • EH2436
  • ES2067
  • ER1510, ER1410
  • EH-NA90
  • EW3155
  • EP-MA50
  • EU-JA10
  • EW4800
  • HFA8451,HFA8452, HFA8453
  • LB18120, LB18121, LB18122, LB18123, LB18124, LB18125
  • SH38455 SH6000P
  • EZ7543
  • EZ4640
  • EZ4541
  • SHOOTEC (NDS07308WBP1他)
  • BT3720/BT3721/BT3722/BT37201/BT37202 

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