【IAUD Award 2015 Gold Award】

J Concept: a series of consumer electronics with a unified concept perfectly suited to Japanese lifestyles

This is a new series of consumer electronics with a unified concept focusing on easy to use functions and designs for modern and future Japanese lifestyles. Advice from people in their fifties and sixties - people with a discerning eye in choosing products and abundant life experience - is fully incorporated to search out total solutions to problems facing customers. Meticulous attention to usability is carefully matched with simple yet high quality designs blending into modern Japanese lifestyles. The J Concept series currently extends to air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, and microwave ovens.

【IAUD Award 2015 Gold Award】

Safety Grab Bar

A new grab bar for bathrooms combining functionality with interior design while incorporating storage shelves. It looks like a simple shelf, yet is positioned for the hand to naturally grab on to it, providing steady support for the user, while also supplying storage for various bathroom items. Repeated assessments by users and experts pursued the ease of actions like sitting, standing, walking, straddling the bathtub edge and storing things. The design aims to comprehensively fulfill the needs of users while at the same time does not obviously look like as if it has been installed for an elderly person.

【IAUD Award 2015 Silver Award】

Any Battery Flashlight

Part of the "Everyday Convenience X Being Ready for the Unexpected" series. Lights with just one battery of any size from AAA to D. Makes it easy to use any battery during an emergency, while the LED allows batteries to last longer in a compact design. It can be used as a flashlight or as a lantern if stood vertically, making it highly useful for camping and other leisure uses.

【IAUD Award 2015 Silver Award】

LED Lantern

Part of the "Everyday Convenience X Being Ready for the Unexpected" series. Useful in various everyday situations thanks to its three methods of setup (standalone, carried by hand, or suspended) and two light levels. It can be switched on or off with just a light push, for example even with an elbow if the users' hands aren't free. The LED light remains cool to the touch and the device is cordless, allowing it to be safely placed next to a bed. The milky white cover gives a soft light, easy on the eyes.



Cuble Drum-type Washing Machine

NA-VG1000 Series

Praised for the way it balances both sophisticated form for living interiors and the ease of taking clothes out without any lowering of standards. The simple design formed from basic squares and circles gives it a new look not seen before in previous drum-type washing machines.



RULO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Praised for its pursuit, with the expansion of the market for robotic vacuum cleaners, of the slimness Japan excels at and the unique triangular form that gives it the edge of being able to fully reach into corners, as well as the excellent balance of the black lines perfectly accenting its white body.



Network Camera


Praised highly for the 360-degree wide panoramic view given by its super-wide angle fisheye lens, resolution in excess of 4K, functions able to handle a wide variety of applications, and its systems which contribute strongly to the realization of safer societies. The simple design blends in with the surrounds, and the camera can be mounted on either walls or ceilings.



LED Lantern


Praised for the pursuit of functions and design for immediate use when needed, the way it can be turned on easily just by pushing from the top, the wide range of uses of the light, similar to that of a light bulb, and for the charming design that expresses the concept of light in the form of a light bulb.

エネループ ソーラーストレージ


Eneloop Solar Storage


This system product meets the demands of the times for effective use of clean energy, incorporating as a set of a large solar panel, portable storage battery, and a light fixture. Praised for the way it offers so many applications for use encapsulated in a simple, waste-free product together with its concept. (English only)


Long Life Design Award

Digital Wireless Microphone


The basic design stance remains unchanged since the analog wireless microphone which won the Good Design Award in 1996, with minor changes adapting to the times and further refining its ease of use. It has built up a strong level of trust among broadcasters and remains the standard item for the broadcasting industry.

住宅用照明 HomeArchi(ホームアーキ)

Long Life Design Award

Lighting Fixture


Since 2004, the HomeArchi has been a flexibly usable element for people who create architectural spaces with a focus on their use as living spaces, to refine environments with rich light and shadow. It continues to contribute toward improving the rich culture of light while being flexibly adaptable to changes in the housing, architecture and technology of the Japanese.
This product is only on sale in Japan.

  • NR-BN34EX1
  • CS-S10RKH
  • NN-SE985S
  • HL-PF685S/PF685B
  • HL-SX485S/SX485B
  • NP-B6M2FI / B6V2FI
  • KY-T935XL
  • KY-B915AL/B915BL
  • KY-B625GB
  • MX-ZX1800
  • RF-TJ10
  • TX-65CZ950
  • TX-CX700
  • DMR-BRX6000/4000/2000
  • SE-R1
  • SU-R1
  • SB-R1
  • C700
  • SU-C700
  • ST-C700
  • SL-C700
  • SB-C700
  • DMC-GX8
  • DMC-LX100
  • DMC-GM5
  • DMC-CM1
  • HC-WX970M
  • HC-W570M
  • HX-A1H
  • ES-LV9A
  • ES-LT8A
  • ER-GC10
  • EH-XD10
  • EH-SA35
  • ES-WH81
  • EH-SC50
  • EW-NA75
  • EW-NA84
  • EU-JLM50S
  • EW-DE54
  • KX-TGK310/320
  • KV-S1057C
  • WV-SFV781L
  • WJ-SD202
  • AW-HEA10
  • AV-SA3000
  • CLine
  • AirMe F-PML40SH/PML20SH
  • F-BL25Z
  • DUB2101
  • FK-23KBD1 / 30KBD1
  • EZ75A7 / EY75A7

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