Design and Predicting the Future
What is the watchword for tomorrow’s consumer electronics, based on trends from Next Humanity and SXSW?
Talk-a-Lot: Design and Predicting the Future

Date: Design and Predicting the Future(12/13/2017)

Talk-a-Lot: an event where FUTURE LIFE FACTORY members hold discussions with experts from Panasonic and beyond. The third event was held at FUTURE LIFE FACTORY’s Hamamatsu office. Guests included Miyagawa from design firm VISIONGRAPH Inc., which conducts predictive and forecasting research. Based on our vision, “A human lifestyle circa 2030,” we discussed “How to use consumer electronics in a way that predicts the future.” In the discussion, several key points emerged that had implications for the consumer electronics of tomorrow: 1) looking at the latest trends at SXSW, “human revival” is becoming a watchword, and 2) rather than merely developing today’s consumer electronics along their existing trajectory, it’s important to develop products that can envision deeply how we’ll live in the future. Twenty key figures from Panasonic participated in these lively discussion sessions.

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