Nippon Television R&D Labo x FUTURE LIFE FACTORY

"Mirrormo" is a digital mirror prototype developed by the collaborative team "TONDEMO LIFE FACTORY," a partnership between Nippon Television Network Corporation's R&D Lab and FUTURE LIFE FACTORY. It aims to address the "vicious cycle of stress" that has become a prevalent issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. By visualizing the stress that accumulates unnoticed in our daily lives, it encourages stress relief. Upon returning home or after a day of remote work, the accumulated stress is visualized as a "stress monster." Following instructions from the character "Mirrormo-chan," who resides in the mirror, to defeat this monster, users are naturally prompted to exercise, which can lead to stress relief.

"Mirrormo," a digital mirror that makes "invisible stress" visible, offering a natural and enjoyable way to relieve stress.
For the measurement of stress, Panasonic's "Digital Human Technology" is applied.

This technology, developed at Panasonic's Product Analysis Center, encompasses a range of techniques for visualizing and quantifying mental states and physical burdens. It is utilized in the creation of user-friendly products and services, as well as for the enhancement of work environments such as factories and offices, facilitating improvements in both product design and workplace ergonomics.

Mirrormo-chan and the Stress Monsters

When you stand in front of Mirrormo, you'll be greeted by "Mirrormo-chan," a character living within the mirror. Following Mirrormo-chan's prompt to place your hand over the mirror reveals the stress accumulated from work and daily life, visualized as "Stress Monsters." The type and number of Stress Monsters change depending on the level of accumulated stress, with a Boss Monster appearing when stress levels are particularly high. By following Mirrormo-chan's instructions to defeat these Stress Monsters, you naturally engage in exercises that help relieve stress.


"TONDEMO LIFE FACTORY" is a collaborative team formed by members of Nippon Television Network Corporation's R&D team, "Nippon TV R&D Lab," and Panasonic's design team, FUTURE LIFE FACTORY. The team leverages the synergies between Nippon TV's "ideas, creativity, and ability to engage and mobilize people" and Panasonic's "technology, product development, and design capabilities" to create business ideas for living and entertainment that can solve societal issues. Since April 2020, they have been working to merge their resources across industries to address these challenges. As the first prototype of their idea, they developed a digital mirror aimed at breaking the "vicious cycle of stress" experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, where people continuously accumulate stress on their minds and bodies without realizing it and without having a means to alleviate it.