Experience : Time

Source : Leaf, Fungus

Nature creates accidental art through the process of fallen leaves decomposing into soil and returning to the earth. This art, called "Skeleton Leaf," can be observed as leaves gradually change over time. By watching this process, we can sense the presence of tiny, invisible living creatures and develop a more organic sense of time that differs from the rigid structure of clocks and calendars. This may lead to a more environmentally friendly way of living in harmony with nature.

This design project invites you to create a living display by placing fallen leaves of your choice in a flask or petri dish with fungi. Over time, the leaves will naturally decompose, revealing the intricate and beautiful patterns of the underlying structure.
When combined with carefully placed lighting, the display becomes a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, which evolves day by day. This interactive artwork invites us to contemplate the beauty of natural processes, while also celebrating the aesthetics of decay and transformation.

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