Experience : Visual Art

Source : Wind, Rain

The wind blowing in nature fluctuates and is not constant like a fan or air conditioner. Perhaps people in the past were comforted by watching the waves on the surface of the sea or lake, or the swaying of trees, and they may have sensed the coming storms. In today's world, where there are mainly inorganic things even when we look outside, there are few things that flutter. Therefore, this display could be a window that connects us to nature.

Using data collected from wind and rain gauges installed outdoors, the display generates waves that change in real time on an indoor screen. As the wind picks up, the waves grow higher, and as the rain intensifies, the waves turn blue.
This design invites us to connect with the natural world and appreciate the beauty of its rhythms and cycles. By bringing the outdoors in, it adds a touch of serenity and wonder to any interior space.

nabiku_01 nabiku_02