Make your sleep rhythm as usual

TONTONZZZ is a sleep support device designed to accompany users throughout their sleeping. Utilizing biometric sensing technology, the device constantly monitors the user's physiological data and delivers reassuring rhythmic vibrations.

With advancements in technology, remote work has become a widespread phenomenon. This has given rise to the concept of "digital nomadism," where individuals work while traveling and it is projected that this lifestyle choice will only continue to grow in popularity.

As a result of this itinerant work style, individuals must regularly sleep in unfamiliar accommodations. This can often lead to disrupted sleep patterns and sleep deprivation.

Emulating the soothing motion of a mother patting her infant to sleep, TONTONZZZ generates soft vibrations synchronized with the user's respiration and pulse rate. This enables the device to provide a sense of comfort and security, even in unfamiliar environments, and promote optimal sleep for the user.

Vibration type

The vibratory component of TONTONZZZ can be housed in a material of the user's preference, such as a soft plush or fabric. Additionally, the device is designed to inflate and deflate in a manner mimicking respiration, creating an illusion of sleeping with a living entity and imparting a sense of security to users as they drift off to sleep.

Vibration type
Use it by your bedside
Use it in a stuffed animal
Use on the move
Expansion and deflation

Arm type

TONTONZZZ takes the form of a robot arm that delivers gentle tapping sensations to the user's body. The terminal portion of the device, equivalent to the wrist, is interchangeable, enabling customization of its appearance and tapping sensation to suit the user's individual preferences.

arm type 1 arm type 2
The thumping and tapping