The solar lanterns were developed using Panasonic's expertise in lighting, batteries and solar energy technologies, and are continuing to evolve to respond to the needs of people living in areas without electricity.

Solutions light up areas without electricity

100 lux from one light brightens the whole room

Solar LED Lantern

  • Model number: BG-BL03TH-G
  • Luminance: Max. 100 lx (with 3 brightness settings)
  • Operation time: Approx. 6 to 90 hours
  • USB ports: 1 port

Lighting and power source for non-electricity area

Eneloop Solar Storage

  • Model number: F-KJSS111T-K
  • Luminance: Bulb type Approx.100 lumen / Straight tube type Approx.500 lumen(High) / Approx.250 lumen(Low)
  • Operation time: Bulb type Approx. 24hours / Straight tube type Approx. 7hours(High) / Approx. 14hours(Low)
  • Charging time: Approx.5hours(at fine weather)
  • Expected Battery Life: 5 years
  • USB Ports: 1port(5V,1A)

Power supply for non-electrified areas with packages of high efficiency solar cells and storage batteries

Power Supply Station

  • Name : Stand-alone solar generating system "Power Supply Station"

Main unit : Power conditioner, supply and demand control

  • Outer dimensions (mm) : 1750 (W) x 770 (L) x 1900 (H) *Excluding protrusions
  • Weight : Approximately 850 kg (including the storage battery approximately 480 kg)
  • AC output capacity : 3 kVA

Solar cell : High efficiency photovoltaic module HIT® , 12 pcs

  • Maximum power generation:Approximately 3 kW

Storage battery : Deep cycle Lead acid Battery 12V60Ah , 24 pcs

  • Total storage capacity : 17.2 kWh
Installation example