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Signs and Abbreviations

¥ Yen; standard unit of Japanese currency I.U. international unit
TV television A ampere
fil filament V volt
tab tablet W watt
doz. dozen(12) Ω ohm
vol(s) volume(s) Hz hertz
AC altenating current MHz megahertz
DC direct current dB decidel
AM amplitude modulation HrA “A” scale of Rockwell hardness
FM frequency modulation HB/2H hardness of lead pencil
UHF ultra-high frequency d denier
C Centigrade dpm disintegration per minute
millimicron -Sph concave spherical lens
µ micron +Sph convex spherical lens
mm millimetre D diopter
cm centimetre () combimation of spherical and cylindrical lens
m metre -Cyl concave cylindrical lens
km kilometre +Cyl convex cylindrical lens
yd yard direction of exis of cylindrical lens
tan Japanese fabric measure (see App. 10) Pd pupil distance
mm² square millimetre % percent
squaremetre + plus; sign of addition
yd² square yard - mimus; sign of subtraction
mg milligram ± plus or minus (probable error)
g gram = equal to
kg kilogram Ø diameter
ton metric ton f lens aperture
ct carat α alpha
cm³ cubic centimetre β beta
cubic matre γ gamma
cc cubic centimetre (liquid) λ lambda
ml millilitre Φ phi
l litre Ψ psi

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