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S-22-4-1/6 : Martial arts

Japanese martial arts are based on centuries-old traditions of military training and spiritual discipline. The rules of most of these arts (bujutsu or budo) were formulated in the 15th or 16th century. In 1895 a national organization was established – the Japan Martial Arts Association.
Each of the martial arts has its own traditions, codes and systems of merit which are followed wherever in the world people study them. World championships are held for judo and karate; judo has been an Olympic sport since the 1964 Olympics held in Tokyo. The bujutsu can be divided roughly into two groups: Unarmed, including judo and karate, and Armed, the larger group, including kendo (fencing) and kyudo (archery). There are many armed bujutsu involving the use of ancient weapons such as halberds, short swords and chains. All bujutsu are considered to be exercises in self-control, offering deep spiritual, as well as physical, benefits for those who practice them.


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