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THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-1 Using techniques derived from the manufacture of ICs, micro-etching on silicon plates.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-2 Dye-transfer printing for colour reproduction of original paintings.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-3 Electomicroscopic examination to determine long-term changes in the composition of metals and paper.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-4 Aging test on various papers and pigments, using heat treatment.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-5 Sealing of plutonium for the timekeeper at the Japan Nuclear Power Reasearch Institute.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-6 Spectral analysis at The Insutitute for Iron, Steel and Other Metals, Tohoku University.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-7 Scientific specimens, in quartz glass tubes, are sealed prior to storage.
THE CONTENTS:TESTING AND PREPARATION-8 Cereal, vegetable and other seeds, sterilized and packed according to individual requirements.

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