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Storage No. Title Composer Price Compartment
A-5-1-1 "Missa Pange Lingua" Josquin Despres 430 14
2 "Cantata No. 4" Johann Sebastian Bach 300 14
3 "String Quartet No. 5" Joseph Haydn 80 14
4 "Symphony No. 5" Ludwig van Beethoven 300 14
5 "Dichterliebe": "Amour du poete" Robert Schumann 450 14
6 "Tristan und Isolde" Richard Wagner 3,500 14
7 "Stabat Mater" Giovanni Palestrina 180 14
8 "Concerto Grosso in G minor" Arcangelo Corelli 1,200 14
9 "Pelleas et Melisande" Claude Debussy 880 14
10 "Le Sacre du Printemps" Igor Stravinsky 880 14
11 "Pierrot Lunaire" Arnold Schoenbert 1,420 14
12 "String Quartet" Opus 28 Anton Webern 400 14
13 "Symphony No. 5" Serge Prokofiev 280 14

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Encyclopaedia of Music

Storage No. Title Remarks Price Compartment
A-5-2-1 [Encyclopaedia of Music] Editors: Horiuchi Keizo and Nomura Yoshio 850 14

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Concert Guides

Storage No. Title and Remarks   Compartment
A-6-1-1 [Concert Guide] Vol.10
No.1 January, 1970
No.2 February, 1970
No.3 March, 1970
No.4 April, 1970
No.5 May, 1970
No.6 June, 1970
No.7 July, 1970
No.8 August, 1970
Edited by the Japan Musicians Club 14

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Concert Programmes (Concerts held during Expo '70 at the Osaka Festival Hall)

Storage No. Concert Date Compartment
A-6-2-1 Bankokuhaku No(Expo '70 No) May 3rd 14
2 Cleveland Orchestra May 15-18th 14
3 National Ballet of Canada May 24th, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th 14
4 Paillard Chamber Orchestra June 6th, 7th 14
5 Montreal Symphony Orchestra June 25th-27th 14
6 Five Japanese Orchestras:   14
  Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra June 4th  
  Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra June 12th  
  NHK Symphony Orchestra June 24th  
  Kyoto Municipal Symphony Orchestra July 14th  
  Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra July 20th  
7 Roma Chamber Opera June 19th, 21st 14
  Virtuosi di Roma June 22nd  
8 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra July 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th 14
9 New Philharmonic Orchestra August 6th-9th, 11th 14
10 Bolshoi Opera Company August 16th-18th, 20th-23rd, 25th, 26th 14
11 Sviatoslav Richter Piano Recital September 3rd, 5th 14
12 English Chamber Orchestra September 7th, 8th 14

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Concert Tickets

Storage No. Concert Date Compartment
A-6-3-1 Cleveland Orchestra, Festival Hall, Osaka May 17th 14
2 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan July 19th 14

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Concert Reviews in Japanese Newspapers

Storage No. Subject and Announcements Critic/Newspaper Date Compartment
A-6-4-1 In Praise of Igor Markevitch:
"Birth of a Neo-Classicist".
Toyama Kazuyuki/
Mainichi Shimbun
June 19th, 1970 14
2 Paillard Chamber Orchestra:
"Creating a World of Beauty".
Toyama Kazuyuki/
Mainichi Shimbun
June 22nd, 1970 14
3 Montreal Symphony Orchestra:
"A Firmly-Established Tradition".
Shibata Hitoshi/
Asahi Shimbun
June 26th, 1970 14
4 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra:
"Announcement of a return-visit to Japan"
Mainichi Shimbun June 27th, 1970 14
5 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra:
"Outstanding performance, united style".
Moroi Makoto/
Asahi Shimbun
July 2nd, 1970 14
6 International Music Concours involving young Japanese musicians: feature article. Nomura Koichi/
Mainichi Shimbun
July 9th, 1970 14
7 Kubo Yoko "Violin Recital: Sincerity Close to the Heart of Music". Hirashima Masao/
Mainichi Shimbun
July 13th, 1970 14

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