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A wedding that makes use of large, projected images to maximum effect. Panasonic projectors help to bring an even more memorable experience to all.

KATSUTAYA Wedding Hall Ceremonial Department Manager and Sales Department Manager Hideaki Suzuki
As a bridal office manager and chief coordinator, Mr. Suzuki has directed numerous weddings based on the concept of "The Only Wedding in the World." Along with Executive Managing Director Yasunori Kawanaga, who played a leading role in KATSUTAYA's major makeover, he creates unique weddings that could only happen at KATSUTAYA. Part of their strength is their policy of using large projected images effectively. We asked Mr. Suzuki exactly how they make use of Panasonic projectors.
Situated in the foothills of the Nasu Plateau in Tochigi Prefecture, KATSUTAYA has produced countless weddings throughout its thirty-year history. In April 2007, it underwent renovation to emerge as a more luxurious facility to please even those with sophisticated tastes. Panasonic projectors play a part in creating more impressive wedding ceremonies.
Two TH-D7700 units project images onto two large 200-inch screens in the largest banquet hall. In Katsutaya's large and magnificent Ball Room, where wedding receptions with up to 400 guests can be held, two ceiling-mounted PT-D7700 units project images onto two separate 200-inch screens. The two screens allow the video to be viewed from anywhere in the room.

As a matter of fact, Katsutaya has been using projectors to augment its events since before the renovations took place. However, according to Mr. Kawanaga, "we were taking them out of storage when we needed them, cables were snaking across the floor, and it was causing trouble for our guests. " At a wedding reception, the guests naturally include small children and elderly people, and when you add liquor to the mix, accidents can happen. "During the renovation, I had my doubts about projectors being mounted overhead, but when we tried it, it turned out to be very successful." Most of all, it clears up the space around one’s feet, allowing for smooth preparation and easy movement of guests during the reception.

Situated between the two 200-inch screens, the bride and groom look more stunning than ever.

Two PT-D7700 units are suspended from the ceiling.

One TH-D7700 unit can accommodate smaller banquet halls. Vivid images are projected on a 150-inch screen.
The Hudson banquet hall, with a capacity of about 160 people, also features a PT-D7700 projector suspended from the ceiling. With a 150-inch screen, the picture is large and vivid, just as in the Ball Room. Projecting just behind the bride and groom, the images help the two of them stand out glamorously.

Projected content in both the Ball Room and the Hudson is carefully selected. In addition to pictures of the bride and groom during their single days, the video features scenes from the day's celebration, with the guests' names appearing on-screen, like a end credits of movies. Guests feel as if they had just watched a movie!
The entrance to the chapel features a TH-D3500 projector. This space is reserved for the bride and her father.
The entrance to "the lala" – the chapel where wedding ceremonies are held – is a very special space. Just before walking down the aisle, the bride and her father watch a video recording together. This is a "thank you" message from the bride to her father. Lasting just a few minutes, it contains photos to bring back memories, and an original message written by the bride. It goes without saying that this is a moving time for both the father and the attendees waiting in the chapel. Of course, this very special recording is also projected from a PT-D3500 projector for the attendees.
The bride and father's room just before the entrance to the chapel. This chapel room is usually kept closed. From the small window at left, a PT-DW10000 unit projects outside of the room.
Outdoor projection brings excitement to nighttime events. The TH-DW10000 projects brilliant images on the outside wall.
KATSUTAYA holds evening events, like bridal fairs for couples that are planning to get married. Large-scale video projections help to give these events a festive atmosphere.
KATSUTAYA's promotional videos, etc., are projected on an outside wall using a PT-DW10000. Apparently, large-scale projections in open spaces are very popular with the guests.
In fact, they're such a hit that KATSUTAYA has gotten requests for evening receptions.
Vivid images are projected on an outside wall by a PT-DW10000.
A TH-D7700 projector can be found in the “No. 9” bar, which can also be used for part of the wedding.
A PT-D7700 projector has been installed in the "No. 9" bar, used for consultations with customers and for postwedding parties, etc. The bar also features a full-fledged DJ booth, and can be given a "nightclub" feel for after-parties. In this space, the young couple can celebrate embarking on their journey in a different manner than they did at the reception.

Yasunori Kawanaga, Executive Managing Director, was the driving force behind KATSUTAYA's recent major renovation.
After graduation, he worked in event production in Tokyo, gaining a thorough grasp of the business, which he applies to his current position at KATSUTAYA. "Parties, receptions… the satisfaction, the emotion that guests feel at these events, depends on how much added value you can bring to the event," he emphasizes. He knows the power of moving images, well enough to come up with his own ideas for images. These ideas are brought to life with Panasonic projectors.
In the "No. 9" bar, the glass door partition is opened before the wedding ceremony. During the after-party, the screen is lowered for video projection.
KATSUTAYA Wedding Hall  Nakatawara, Otawara-shi, Tochigi Prefecture Japan
System installed by
Panasonic System Solutions Marketing Co., Ltd.
(Kan-Etsu), Tochigi branch
Equipment installed
Equipment installed

*Japanese model names of PT-DW10000, PT-D7700, and PT-D3500 are TH-DW10000, TH-D7700, and TH-D3500 respectively.

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