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Panasonic Center Osaka is a Global Communications Hub for Panasonic.
Backed by the vision of "A Better Life, a Better World" for every single customer, the Center serves as a vehicle for communications, receiving opinions and requests directly from visitors while presenting actual products and services. A large number of Panasonic projectors are at work in Panasonic Center Osaka to provide highly innovative audiovisual solutions.

Panasonic Center Osaka welcomes visitors as a new, large-scale communications facility for Osaka and its environs.

Large Venue Applications

Vision Wall

The massive space along the first floor passageway houses a large-screen projector system called "Vision Wall."
Three 20,000-lumen 3-chip DLP™ Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors form seamless, edge-blended images that embrace showroom guests on a curved projection screen that is approximately 3 meters high and 14 meters wide.

A Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending/Color Matching) merges three 240-inch screens to form a single image with bright, vibrant large-screen projection.

Audiovisual solutions such as this immerse showroom visitors in images that represent the scale and beauty of Panasonic Center Osaka, while also introducing advanced Panasonic technologies.

Three PT-DZ21K projectors display
massive images on the "Vision Wall."

Curved Surface Projection System

Following the "Vision Wall," visitors are visually guided through the exhibition space by a custom curved screen that is 1.5 meters high and 25 meters long. Nine 3-chip DLP™ PT-DW8300 projectors display clear, crisp, undistorted images onto its curved surface.
The PT-DW8300 projectors also use the Multi-Screen Support System for seamlessly edge-blended projection. The total 40-meter length of this curved surface projection system, including the "Vision Wall," clearly grabs the attention of each and every guest.

Nine PT-DW8300 projectors display clear, undistorted images onto a curved surface.

Installation image – overhead view
Supporting Stable Operation

Panasonic’s Early Warning Software (ET-SWA100E) monitors the status of projectors connected to an intranet and informs you when an abnormality is detected or predicted, and when there are symptoms of trouble. This minimizes projector downtime to support more stable operation.

Projectors at Other Spaces in the Center

Exhibition Booth Using a Translucent Screen

Adjacent to the "Vision Wall" is an exhibition space that proposes new lifestyle ideas with a 3-chip DLP™ PT-DW8300 projector. LCD switchable projection screens are applied to the window glass of a booth designed to portray a living room. Flipping a switch converts the clear windows to a translucent screen. The PT-DW8300 displays images onto the translucent screen from outside. The living room interior is visible from outside the booth, and crisp, clear images can be viewed on the screen from inside the room.

The PT-DW8300 projects images onto the living room
windows from outside the booth.

OFF: Flipping a switch converts the clear windows to a translucent screen.
ON: Flipping a switch converts the clear windows to a translucent screen.
Custom Black Screen Projection System Adds a Sense of Fun

The second floor of the building houses a cafe that uses Panasonic cooking appliances. Here, visitors can discover new culinary ideas by tasting, cooking, and learning. The 1-chip DLP™ PT-DZ770S projector displays menu items on a special black menu board. Visitors can see menus being written and erased from the menu board in real time. The writing seems to appear and disappear without anyone's help, which never ceases to put guests into a merry mood.

Handwritten menu items appear and disappear in a very entertaining way.

Panasonic Center Osaka operates 10 hours a day, from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and closes irregularly, so it requires projectors that can operate continuously for long periods of time. The high quality and reliability of Panasonic projectors dependably support the Panasonic grand showroom.

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