Lighting Designed to Elevate the Excitement on the Stage
— and Enhance the Environment Throughout the Venue.

Recent Projects

  • Rudraksha International Cooperation and Convention Centre

    Varanasi, India Public & Commercial Venues

    Rudraksha International Cooperation and Convention Centre

    Creating a space that brings people together shining light on India’s new landmark.

Totally Immersive.
Totally Safe.

Panasonic’s advanced lighting design adds to the audience experience, with clean air ventilation and back-up power storage adding extra peace of mind for visitors.

Enhancing the Venue
Experience with Lighting Design

Multi-purpose venues and facilities that are used for cultural, corporate and creative events require appropriate lighting for the agenda. Panasonic’s lighting solutions maximise the user experience with unique light distribution designs and dimming technologies. Carefully-designed lighting installations consider the comfort of performers and spectators, preserving the intimacy and value of the cultural experience for all.

Quality Technology for Cleaner Air

Good air quality is essential for facilities and venues that welcome a large number of visitors. Panasonic’s indoor ventilation systems and air purification technologies, including “nanoe™ X”, control odours and viruses to ensure a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Quality Technology for Cleaner Air

Improving Energy Efficiency and Resilience

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) are essential protocols in the event of a power outage. Panasonic’s energy solutions enable effective BCPs for the safety of employees and visitors through solar power generation and other storage technologies. By saving energy at the facility and storing it as back-up power in case of power loss, we can ensure a safe and secure space and an effective evacuation if necessary. We also provide total support services including energy-saving diagnosis, design and construction.