Serving Society for Over 100 Years

Panasonic has been dedicated to delivering convenient, high-quality electrical equipment and lighting solutions
ever since we began business in 1918. Today, we are expanding our production capabilities across Asia so that
we can provide reliable electrical infrastructure to the world. Our advanced technology is designed and
developed in Japan ― a country prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and lightning strikes.

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Spatial, Sustainable Solutions for
Comfort & Safety

Our priority is not only the quality of our products ― but the quality of life of our customers. Panasonic designs comprehensive electrical solutions with safety, comfort and wellbeing in mind. We are also conscious of conserving energy in line with our goal of realising a decarbonised, sustainable society.


Innovative Products for an International Market

With our vast range of advanced equipment, we can deploy efffective combinations of products to meet
specific consumer needs in individual markets. These include environmentally-friendly solar panels, or
convenient Internet of Things (IoT) systems across the world.

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Contributing to a
Carbon-Neutral Society

Panasonic is committed to carbon neutrality and realising a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. We use renewable energy in our manufacturing process, and design our products and solutions to be energy-efficient when they are deployed.

  • When using our products

    Panasonic produces solar power panels, storage batteries, and other energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly equipment.

  • When manufacturing products in-house

    Our H2 KIBOU FIELD power plant is 100% powered by renewable energy sources.