Providing Safe, Comfortable and Low-Carbon Housing through
Electrical Infrastructure.

Recent Projects


    Selangor, Malaysia Serviced Apartment


    Panasonic provide healthier, more comfortable lifestyles by using our unique air quality technologies.

  • San Song MPARK

    New Taipei City, Taiwan Residence (San Song MPARK)

    San Song MPARK

    Panasonic’s San Song MPARK offers exquisite living via total support from planning to design, interior and after-sale service.

  • Modular Architecture Showroom

    Bangkok, Thailand Residence

    Modular Architecture

  • Amanta Hotel & Residence Ratchada

    Bangkok, Thailand Hotel

    Amanta Hotel & Residence Ratchada

    Smarter charging for more convenient guest rooms: 348 USB chargers installed in all rooms of a 4-star hotel in Thailand.

Comfortable Living Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Panasonic’s innovative electrical solutions are designed to support sustainable living environments for healthy lifestyles; now and into the future.

Optimised for Comfort.
Prepared for Emergencies

Panasonic began business as a wiring equipment manufacturer. Through high-quality electrical products and technology expertise cultivated over 100 years, we ensure comfort and security in the event of domestic emergencies. With flame-retardant switches and sockets, solar systems and storage batteries, fire alarms, and secure circuit breakers, Panasonic’s products provide peace of mind in living spaces.

Optimised for Comfort
Optimised for Comfort

Making Life More Convenient with
IoT Technology

By connecting residential electrical equipment through a home network, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can enrich our lives with safe, secure and convenient services. For example, interior lighting and water heaters can be controlled from a smartphone outside the home, promoting responsible energy management.

Improving Air Quality for Comfortable and Healthy Living

Panasonic’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concept is a multi-layered approach to air purification. Our approach considers air supply, exhaust and circulation to deliver a clean interior environment, ensuring that indoor air is circulated and purified while polluted air is removed from the space.

Improving Air Quality for Comfortable and Healthy Living