Planning for the Future: Increasing Urban Value Through
Sustainable Development.

Recent Projects

  • Yada-Panasonic Wellness Smart-Town Yixing

    Yixing, China Smart City

    Yada-Panasonic Wellness Smart-Town Yixing

    Solving social issues due to aging “Yada-Panasonic Wellness Smart-Town Yixing” creates a “healthy lifestyle”.

  • SAVASA Smart Town

    Bekasi, Indonesia Smart City

    SAVASA Smart Town

    Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia upgraded office lighting to Panasonic LED lighting fixtures to save energy and maintenance cost.

  • Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd. HARUMI FLAG

    Tokyo, Japan Smart City

    Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd. HARUMI FLAG

    The new town “HARUMI FLAG” that accommodates up to 12,000 residents with the latest VR imaging technology.

  • Future Living® Berlin

    Berlin , Germany Smart City

    Future Living® Berlin

    Panasonic Europe started an innovative, CO2-saving energy solution for the smart city project, Future Living® Berlin.

  • Aizuwakamatsu Smart City Project

    Fukushima, Japan Public Facility

    Aizuwakamatsu Smart City Project

    “Aizuwakamatsu Smart City” project aims to establish a self-sustaining cycle of regional regeneration.

  • Tsunami Monitoring System in Miyagi

    Miyagi, Japan Smart City

    Tsunami Monitoring System in Miyagi

    Reconstruction and development solutions in Higashimatsushima, an area that was greatly damaged by the earthquake.

Creating Sustainable Communities with
Clean Energy Technology &
Intelligent Energy Management

From AI-integrated energy management to remote-controlled community lighting systems, Panasonic’s cutting-edge solutions are driving the transformation towards more connected, resilient, and environmentally conscious cities.

Clean Energy Systems for
Community Growth

To achieve a low-carbon way of life, clean energy needs to be our main power source.

As well as developing smart cities that use solar energy and battery storage, Panasonic is also exploring hydrogen energy as a new energy infrastructure.

Clean Energy Systems for Community Growth

Achieving Urban Safety &
Operational Efficiency by
Visualising Energy

Developing smart cities of the future requires effective energy management, which involves visualising the city’s power consumption and using it wisely.

By integrating IoT technology with street lighting, the urban infrastructure can visualise energy usage from every device.

Remote management enables any fixture malfunctions to be immediately detected — and quickly addressed.

Achieving Urban Safety & Operational Efficiency by Visualising Energy

Enlightening Communities. Enriching Lives.

“YOI-en”, the cloud-based lighting control system is a cloud service that supports local governments, developers, and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) involved in urban development initiatives through vibrant technology features.

The service enables users to remotely control lighting via the Internet from a computer, creating special lighting effects even where traditional cable installation is not possible. Additionally, production lighting can be synchronised across multiple locations.

The cloud also stores appealing pre-programmed production effects, so that users can create captivating lighting displays quickly and effortlessly.