Panasonic Electric Works
India Media Trip

Panasonic Electric Works India Media Trip

From December 11-14th 2023, Panasonic Electric Works hosted a media trip in Japan for members of the Indian press.

The multi-day tour was a wide-ranging showcase of Panasonic's advanced technologies, manufacturing processes, and some of our most high-profile projects with major national landmarks.

Panasonic Electric Works India, with seven manufacturing facilities in India including the state-of-the-art Sri City plant, has a crucial role to play in our global expansion. With a growing product line-up incorporating energy management and other emerging technologies, this media trip was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Panasonic's legacy in Japan — and what the Indian market can look forward to.


The TOKYO SKYTREE is Japan's tallest structure, and a famous landmark in the heart of the vibrant capital city. The original construction in 2012—supported by Panasonic—was ahead of its time in embracing large-scale LED lighting installations.

In 2020, we further upgraded the lighting system, taking the total number of LED fixtures to 2,362 and ensuring full visibility within a 20km radius without being dazzling at close proximity. Our pioneering Engineering Centre introduced the "Dyna Shooter", a cutting-edge technology which utilises two lenses to produce fine light beams.

Day 2: worXlab at
Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building

Supporting next-generation working lifestyles is a top strategic priority for Panasonic Electric Works' business. We are committed to using advanced audio-visual and sensory technology to provide future-ready digitised workspaces which prioritise convenience, comfort and connectivity.

"worXlab" is our live demonstration of a working office with the latest workplace innovations, with services and functions categorised into the themes of "Safety," "Interaction," "Concentration," and "Recovery". Space visualisation and real-time ambient information (such as temperature, people density and CO2 levels) help individual workers decide where they'd like to work.

Day 2: Japan National Stadium

The Japan National Stadium was built for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and is now a multifunctional stadium for sporting matches, concerts and other events. Panasonic installed 1,300 stadium lights with our proprietary VR technology that supports the highest 4K/8K resolution standards for international broadcasting.

In 2022, the stadium received the prestigious "Japan Lighting Award" in recognition of its outstanding lighting initiative on a national level. This award is usually granted to only one or two projects every year, highlighting the Japan National Stadium's glowing contribution to the industry.

Day 3: Tsu Factory

The Tsu Factory is the mother factory for Panasonic Electric Works' foundational Electrical Wiring Devices business, producing approx. 80 million devices every year.

The factory's integrated production line handles everything in-house from raw materials to final product and packaging. The multi-forming machine, which produces 480 locking springs (important safety components) per minute, is one highlight of the mass production process.

The Tsu Factory is also a key hub for talent development. Employees from Panasonic's international businesses, including India, learn moulding techniques at the mother factory to contribute to production processes in their local factories — enhancing quality and ensuring reliability.

Day 4: Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

Launched in 2014, Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (FujisawaSST) is a collaborative smart city initiative involving Panasonic and other corporations, residents and local authorities.

All residences are equipped with renewable energy facilities such as solar panels and storage batteries as standard, supported by a Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS). These also act as back-up power sources during power outages, making the town more resilient to natural disasters. A central server monitors energy consumption data from individual houses, ensuring comprehensive energy management of the entire town.

Day 4: YOI-en installation at Yokohama Stadium

YOI-en is Panasonic's cloud-based lighting control system. At the iconic Yokohama Stadium, YOI-en supports the dazzling "Ballpark Fantasia" display by seamlessly integrating with multiple sensors and applications. YOI-en also synchronises with cameras to create lighting displays in photo booths that match the colour of visitor's clothing, and even responds to gesture-based controls.

In November 2023, YOI-en was trialled in a "cloud city" display for the festive season in Powai, Mumbai. Display instructions were coordinated from servers based in Japan, demonstrating YOI-en's global application potential.

Supporting safety, comfort and sustainability
for Indian citizens

India has been an important market for Panasonic Electric Works' international business for decades. We were delighted to welcome the Indian media to our home country to demonstrate the latest advancements in our electrical equipment and introduce some of our highest-profile projects.

From wires and cables to renewable energy solutions and IoT-enabled technologies, Panasonic Life Solutions India will continue to expand its range of quality products as one of the country's leading manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) — and support a better quality of life for millions of Indian citizens, from rural heartlands to urban centres.