Panasonic Electric Works
Vietnam Media Trip

Panasonic Electric Works Vietnam Media Trip

Chào mừng đến với Nhật Bản! (Welcome to Japan!)

From 27-30th November 2023, Panasonic Electric Works hosted members of the Vietnam media in Japan. The multi-stop press tour was designed to showcase Panasonic’s products and projects in Japan, and give the honoured guests a closer look at the technologies that are improving people’s lives in Vietnam.

The  high-growth Vietnamese market has a key role to play in the global expansion of Panasonic’s electrical materials business. Alongside ongoing collaborations on product development with local Vietnamese suppliers, these media initiatives provide further insights into Panasonic’s case studies, engineering expertise, and much more.

Day 1: Tsu Factory

The Tsu Factory is the mother factory for our  wiring devices, producing approximately 80 million devices every year — over  200,000 per day!

The factory’s innovative, integrated production line uses advanced automation technologies throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a stable, high-volume output of high-quality products.

This first stop on the tour was not only an important insight into Panasonic’s production processes in Japan, but a vision for future manufacturing in Vietnam. Through technology transfer from the Tsu Factory to our Binh Duong Factory, just north of Ho Chi Minh, Panasonic will contribute to safer and more convenient electrical infrastructure in Japan with efficient, stable and high-quality production.

The Binh Duong factory will begin scaling up its operations in stages in 2024 , with an annual production target of 150 million units by 2029 — 1.8 times the current capacity.

Day 2: Hanshin
Koshien Stadium

The iconic Hanshin Koshien Stadium, home to 2023 domestic league champions Hanshin Tigers, is one of the largest and most historically significant baseball venues in the country.

In 2022, Panasonic contributed to a major stadium transformation project by upgrading 756 traditional lights to advanced LED technology, resulting in a 60% reduction in power consumption. This included the blended LED system known as the “Cocktail Rays”, an unprecedented technical achievement unique to Koshien stadium that took two years to develop.

The 756 LEDs maximise the viewing experience for spectators while minimising glare for the players on the field. Every light can be individually controlled, and the system includes unique and dazzling displays of patterns and characters that cannot be found at any other domestic stadium.

Day 3: Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in the country, is a shining symbol of modern Japan. In 2012, Panasonic contributed to a pioneering lighting transformation project, installing 1,995 LED lights — achieving full-scale illumination in an era when large-scale LED installations were uncommon.

In 2020, we increased the total number of LEDs to 2,362 and further upgraded the lighting system to ensure full visibility of the tower from as far as 20 kilometres away, without being overpowering when observed up close. We meticulously plan the lighting design with our proprietary software to simulate various settings and conditions.

Towards a brighter
future in Vietnam

Panasonic was delighted to demonstrate our comprehensive range of electrical equipment products and solutions to the media representatives, and provide valuable insights into how our technologies can enhance quality of life throughout the community.

Many guests expressed their desire to see Panasonic Electric Works’ solutions implemented throughout Vietnam — and as our presence in the country grows stronger and stronger, we look forward to making that a reality!