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Stationery for Congratulation and Condolence(*)

Storage No. Item Price Compartment
S-13-1-1 Gratuity envelopeCongratulatory Gift Envelope, Condolence Gift Envelope 25 10
2 Condolence-offering envelopeCongratulatory Gift Envelope, Condolence Gift Envelope 30 10
3 Confirmation of betrothal(yuino) including list of suitableEngagement Present Goods, Betrothal Present List 80 10
  wedding presents and the following items:    
4 Receipt 80 10
5 Listing of members of both families 80/each 10
6 Listing of relativesEngagement Present Goods, Betrothal Present List 80/each 10

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Talismans and Amulets(*)

Storage No. Item Source Price** Compartment
S-13-2-1 Votive tablet Grand Shrines of Ise, Mie Prefecture 200 2
2 Talisman for prosperous business Toka Ebisu Festival, Osaka 500 2
3 Amulet for safety of the roads Narita Fudoson shrine, Neyagawa, Osaka 500 2
4 Amulet for safe childbirth Nakayama temple, Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture 300 2
5 Amulet for success in school entrance examination Kitano Tenman shrine, Kyoto 250 2
6 Amulet for family health and safety Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine, Kyoto 100 2
7 Talisman for prevention of fire Kiyoshi Kojin shrine, Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture 500 2
8 Talisman for longevity Benten sect, Ibaragi, Osaka Prefecture 500 2
9 Written oracle Fushimi Inari shrine, Kyoto 20 2
10 [Almanac of Divination for The year 1970] Edited by the Takashima Divination Association 100 16

**With exception of item 1 and 10, the prices given are in the form of a contribution

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General Stationery

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
S-13-3-1 Postcards and stamps Postcard; reply-paid postcard; ¥7 and ¥15 stamps   16
2 Used postcard     16
3 New Year postcard(*)     16
4 Writing pad   100/pad 16
5 Envelopes   60/for 10 16

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Smoking Items

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
S-13-4-1 CigarettesCigarettes and Electric Gas Lighters "Hope", packet of 10, employing the first Japanese-made filter 50/pack 17(S)
2 Matches Publicity matches(box) 4(wholesale) 17(S)
3 Gas lighterCigarettes and Electric Gas Lighters With electronic ignition 5,800 13
4 Kiseru(*) Traditional Japanse tobacco pipe 150 13

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Indispensable Electric Appliances

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
S-13-5-1 Rice cooker(*)Rice Cooker 0.6 litre capacity 2,900 13
2 Electric razorElectric razor   4,900 20

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Household Accounts and Public Lottery

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
S-13-6-1 Household accounts book(kakeibo)   320 16
2 Public lottery ticket(*)Expo Support Lottery Ticket 7th Takarakuji lottery in support of Expo '70. Drawn January 10th, 1970 100 16
3 Public lottery ticket(*) 82nd Takarakuji lottery. Drawn December 31st, 1969 100 16

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