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16-mm standard motion picture film with soundtrack(F-4). Prepared by Mainichi Film Productions

Documentary Film : World War II

Storage No. Title and Contents Remarks Compartment
S-30-1-1 "The Wars of Japan" Extracts relating to World War II as follows:   27
Attack on Pearl Harbour December 8th, 1941
Landing on the Malay Peninsula December 8th, 1941
Landing on Luzon December 16th, 1941
New Year's Day at a battlefront Aviation corps, troopships and submarines
Occupation of Manila January 2nd, 1942
Paratroops Manado, North Celebes, Indonesia
Bicyle troops Attack on Malay Peninsula
Fall of Singapore Surrender on February 15th, 1942
Capture of Corregidor, Battan Peninsula May 7th, 1942
Battle of the Coral Sea May 7th-8th, 1942
Battle of Midway June 5th-7th, 1942
The struggle for Guadalcanal August 7th, 1942-February 7th, 1943
Yamamoto Isoroku, Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet, shot down while flying to the front April 18th, 1943
Prade of univerity students bound for the front Farewell ceremony in the outer gardens of the Meiji shrine, Tokyo, October 21st, 1943
Fall of Saipan July 7th, 1944
B29 bombing raid on Japan June 16th, 1944
Battle of Leyte Gulf October 20th, 1944
A sortie of kamikaze pilots October 25th, 1944
General MacArthur returns: Fall of Manila February 3rd, 1945
Struggle for Iwojima February 19th-March 17thy, 1945
Beginning of American invasion of Okinawa April 1st, 1945
Sinking of the battleship "Yamamoto" April 7th, 1945
Sortie of kamikaze giretsu paratroops May 24th, 1945
Desperate battle for Okinawa  
Kamikaze planes on suicide missions  
The bombing of the Japanese mainland Main cities reduced to ashes
The world's first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 6th, 1945
Imperial rescript terminates the War. August 15th, 1945

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