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Scroll: "Spring and Summer"

Storage No. Item and Subject Scene(s) Compartment
S-16-1-1 Scroll: "Spring and Summer"   10
  Hina doll festival(*) A festival for girls, March 3rd  
  Vernal Equinox Day A visit to a grave  
  Sowing seed Using a cultivator  
  Rape blossom Children catching butterflies in a field  
  School entrance ceremony April 1st. Japanese flag. Cherry blossoms  
  Spring night Cherry blossom at night. First night-time baseball game of season. Scenes in a park.  
  May Day May 1st. May Day parade and people on an excursion  
  Children's Day(*) May 5th. Festival for boys with carp streamers (koinobori). Hiking. Iris pond  
  Picking tea On the 88th day from the beginning of spring  
  Rice transplanting Young plants are moved to the flooded rice paddies  
  The rainy season Lasts about one month from early June.
Spattering mud. End of rainy season-rooftop beer gardens open
  Gion festival July 17th. Procession of festival floats in Kyoto  
  Midsummer Sunflowers. Sea bathing  
  Bon festival August 16th. A spectacular bonfire in the shape of the character dai(great) is lit on the side of Mt. Nyoigatake, Kyoto. Viewed from a tea-house terrace over the Kamo River  

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Scroll: "Autumn and Winter"

Storage No. Item and Subject Scene(s) Compartment
S-16-2-1 Scroll: "Autumn and Winter"   10
  Typhoon Damage from wind and flood  
  Aftermath of the typhoon Rescue work by the Japanese Self-Defence Force using a bulldozer  
  Moon-viewing party August 15th of lunar calendar. Offerings of dumplings, pampas grass, fruit and flowers  
  Harvest Harvester. Woman cutting rice with sickle. Drying-rack  
  Excursion to view the Drinking party. Parking violation  
  red-tinted maple leaves    
  Outdoor tea ceremony    
  Red Feather campaign Charity drive  
  Hunting Beginning of the hunting season  
  The season of art The art gallery of a museum  
  Late autumn Wind storm. Influenza epidemic-vaccination  
  The year-end Shopping centre. Arrest of gangster. Sandwich man in Santa Claus outfit  
  Kabuki performance Special performance(kaomise) at Minamiza theatre in Kyoto, held annually in December  
  Fire Attended by fire engine  
  Home-coming Station platform packed with people returning home for New Year holidays  
  Rice-cake making Preparation of New Year rice-cake(mochi)  
  Temple bell Tolling the old year out and the New Year in  
  New Year scenes Mochi decoration. New Year food and sake.
Decorative silk ball. Greeting card. Lion dance. New Year visits
  New Year pastimes Japanese card games. Battledore and shuttlecock. Kite-flying. Stilts  
  Hatsuni January 2nd. The first commercial delivery of the New Year.(Old custom heralding prosperous
business in the year to come)
  Winter sports Skiing. Sleighing  
  Setsubun Beginning of February. The day preceding the first day of Spring according to old calendar.
Celebrated by the throwing of beans, shouting "Good fortune within, devils without"
  Omizutori and plum-blossom Water-drawing ceremony at Nigatsudo temple,  
  viewing Nara, to greet the spring according to local tradition  

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Scroll: "The Lifetime of Man"

Storage No. Item and Subject Scene(s) Compartment
S-16-3-1 Scroll: "The Lifetime of Man"   10
  Birth Maternity hospital. Nurse. Scales. Leaving hospital. New-born baby's first visit to shrine
accompanied by mother and grandmother (omiyamairi)
  From baby to infant Baby bed. Suckling at mother's breast. Changing napkin. Rattle – walker – toy box. Child
rummaging in a chest of drawers. Piddling in the garden. Playing house. Piggyback. Tricycle.
Welcoming Daddy home
  Kindergarten Going to kindergarten. Teacher. Play. Vaccinaton  
  Primary to junior high school Attending school – classroom – teacher. Forming in line. Basebal – gymnastics – wrestling – handball.
Playing with sand. Bicycle accident on the way to school. Pedestrian road bridge. Junior high baseball team
  Senior high school Classroom. Folk dance. Soccer. Graduation ceremony  
  Employment Commuting to work. Street demonstration – riot police. First day at the office  
  Marriage Betrothal gifts. Sending of traditional bridal furniture. Photograph of wedding ceremony. Honeymoon  
  Parenthood Birth of first child. Drying clothes. Birth of second child  
  The home Piano-child's desk. Father playing mah-jong with friends (son puts broom by the door hoping that guests will leave early – old superstition)
Father and child leaving home together in the morning. Practising golf
  Daughter's wedding Shopping. Introduction of prospective bridegroom. Wedding ceremony. Birth of grandchild  
  Retirement Presentation of retirement present. Farewell party. Second honeymoon  
  House-building The foundation ceremony  
  Old age Raising bonsai(miniature trees). Fishing with grandson. Family gathering with children and grandchildren  
  Death Illness. The dying hour  

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Scroll: "Daily Life"

Storage No. Item and Subject Scene(s) Compartment
S-16-4-1 Scroll: "Daily Life"   10
  Dawn Fish market. Newspaper delivery  
  Morning The morning wash. Getting breakfast. Putting on make-up  
  Going to work Bus – ticket inspection. Crowded train and subway. Automatic vending machine. Public phone. Office workers drinking milk at a kiosk  
  Factory Time-clock. Cloakroom. Employee's restaurant  
  Department store Clothing corner. Showcase. Cash-register. Escalator. Sock counter  
  Office Telephone. Office desk. Reception room. Female employee serving tea  
  Expresswqay Private car. Small truck. Street lamps  
  View from the rooftop Roof of a building: Electricity pole. River and row of trees on river bank  
  Shopping streets Fish shop. Barber. Housewives carrying shopping bags. Mother pushing pram. Noodle delivery boy on motorcycle  
  Evening Closing of fish shop: Pulling down the shutters and washing the floor  
  Suppertime The dinner table. Evening drink. Electric rice cooker – teapot – saucepan. Television set  
  In the kitchen Housewife clearing up. Sink-gas heater – gas rice cooker – kitchen knife – washing machine  
  The street at night A theatre – a pachinko(slot-machine)parlour – okonomiyaki(cheap snack of vegetables, eggs, etc. on a pancake)stall  
  The bar district Drunken customer and bar hostess. Wandering guitar player. Decorated street lamp. Drunk and friend. Maiko, young geisha  
  Out on a date Young couple. A discotheque. A fortune-teller  
  Public bath, entrance Scales – electric fan  
  Public bath, inside The bath – mirror – shower. Hot and cold taps for washing and rinsing  
  Evening at home Mother and daughter doing the household accounts using abacus. Teapot – teacup – television set  
  Fatehr already asleep Japanese bed(futon). Alarm clock beside the pillow. Suite laid out ready for the morning  
  Midnight Electric train with just a few passengers.
Noodle vendor

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