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Planned by The Mainichi Newspapers and Matsushita Electric and produced by the Mainichi Broadcasting System

The Cries of Animals(T-6-B)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-29-1-1 Dogs Gordon setter: barking for joy
Young Akita dog: barking for joy
Stray dog: howling
2 Cat   28
3 Caw   28
4 Horse In a stable at Nigawa racecourse 28
5 Pig At Izumi-Sano pig farm 28
6 Chicken A bantam cock greets the morning 28
7 Parakeet   28
8 Lovebird Jushimatsu 28
9 Java sparrow Buncho 28
10 Canary   28
11 Bush warbler Uguisu, the Japanese "nightingale" 28
12 White-eye Mejiro: Zosterops japonica 28
13 Japanese bunting Hojiro 28
14 Hill mynah   28
15 Cricket Matsumushi: Madasumma marmorata 28
16 Bell insect Suzumushi: Homeogryllus japonicus 28
17 Grasshopper Kirigirisu: Platyphyllum concavum 28
18 Cricket Korogi 28

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Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-29-2-1 The Young Juvenile delinquents in a bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo 28
S-29-2-2 The old Four old ladies between 64 and 82 years old living in the "Ikoi no Ie" Home for the Aged, Tamagawa, Tokyo 28
3 Housewives Four housewives in their thirties at a women's association meeting, Ota-ku, Tokyo 28
4 Young working people Four men and two women in an office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 28

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People in Private(T-6-B)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-29-3-1 Snoring Man/woman/man/woman/man 28
2 Grinding teeth Man 28
3 Humming A housewife in her twenties at home 28

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Traditional Humour and Repartee ("Owarai 1970")(T-6-A)

Supervised by Akita Minoru. Ohayashi(musical accompaniment)led by Nakata Turuji.

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-29-4-1 Compere(kyogenmawashi) Morino Fukuro 28
2 Manzai repartee Between Wakai Hanji and Wakai Kenji: 'The English Lesson' 28
3 Rakugo monologue By Shofukutei Shokaku: 'The 30-koku boat' 28
4 Kodan story Told by Kyokudo Nanryo 'The kurawanka boat' 28
5 Rokyoku song Sung by Baichuken Odo: 'Sailing in a tempest' 28
6 Manzai repartee Between Sunagawa Sutemaru and Nakamura Haruyo: 'Counting-out rhyme' 28

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