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Photographs provided by The Mainichi Newspapers unless otherwise stated (MF-1)

Professional Sports

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-26-1-1 Sumo(1)(*) Ozeki Kotozakura pushes Mutsuarashi out of the ring in movement known as yoritaoshi. Spring tournament, 11th day. March 19th, 1969. 27
2 Sumo(2) Yokozuna Taiho performs ring-entry ceremony (dohyoiri) in Spring tournament, 1965. 27
3 Sumo(3) Ring ceremony of three leading wrestlers 27
4 Professional wrestling(1) Tag match. Baba and Inoki versus Murphy and Bernard, Osaka Metropolitan Gymnasium, June, 1969 27
5 Professional wrestling(2) Sakaguchi versus Duncan, Oji Gymnasium, April, 1969 27
6 Professional wrestling(3) Women's match, March, 1968 27
7 Professional boxing 'Fighting' Harada, January, 1967 27

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Traditional Performing Arts

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-26-2-1 No(*) Mido Hall, Osaka, February, 1965 27
2 Bunraku (1)(*) "Ichinotani Futaba Gunki", July, 1966 27
3 Bunraku(2) "Ichinotani Futaba Gunki", July, 1966 27
4 Bunraku(3) Narrative accompaniment (joruri), July, 1966 27
5 Kabuki(1)(*) Entrance of Minamiza theatre, Kyoto. Kaomise performance, December, 1967 27
6 Kabuki(2) Performance at same theatre showing hanamichi 27

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Informal Entertainments

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-26-3-1 Yose(1)(*) Front of Kadoza theatre, Osaka 27
2 Yose(2)(*) Acrobatics 27
3 Yose(3)(*) Dish-spinning 27
4 Yose(4)(*) Magic 27
5 Yose(5)(*) Dance. Performed by Katsura Kobunshi 27
6 Yose(6)(*) Comic monologue by Katsura Kobunshi 27
7 Yose(7)(*) Comic dialogue between Nakata Daimaru and Raketto 27
8 Rural theatre(1) Entrance of Gofukuza theatre, Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture 27
9 Rural theatre(2) Stage of the same theatre 27
10 Manzai(*) Owari mannzai 27
S-26-4-1 Circus(1) Rope climbing; aerial acrobatics 27
2 Circus(2) Juggling; aerial acrobatics 27
3 Circus(3) Performing bear 27
4 Circus(4)** Circus entrance 27
5 Circus(5)** Trick-cycling 27
6 Monkey showman(1)(*)**   27
7 Monkey showman(2)**   27
8 Monkey showman(3)**   27

** Photographs provided by Fuji Film Company

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Television Entertainment

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
S-26-5-1 Singing contest Final of 19th NHK** Amateur Singing Contest 27
2 New Year's Eve song Festivel(*) Finale, December 31st, 1969. Network: NHK** 27
3 News programme(1)*** "Katsura Kokinji's Afternoon Show", February 5th, 1970. Introduction of Time Capsule Expo '70.
Network: NET
4 News programme(2)*** Programme as above. Introduction of Time Capsule Expo '70 contents 27

** Nihon Hoso Kyokai: Japan Broadcasting Association
*** Photographs provided by NET (Nippon Educational Television Company)

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