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Metal Materials

Storage No. Item Remarks Purity(%) Price Compartment
N-1-1-1 Beryllium 4Be   98.0 2,500/piece 24
2 Magnesium 12Mg   99.97 295,000/ton 24
3 Aluminium 13Al     430/kg 24
4 Vanadium 23V   99.8 2,100/piece 24
5 Chromium 24Cr   99.9 800/kg 24
6 Manganese 25Mn   99.9 250/kg 24
7 Iron 26Fe Zone refined 99.999 300,000** 24
8 Cobalt 27Co     2,200/kg 24
9 Nickel 28Ni For metal plating Ni+Co99.95 2,000/kg 24
10 Copper 29Cu Electrolytic copper 99.998 520,000/ton 24
11 Zinc 30Zn For chemical analysis 99.9999 520,000/ton 24
12 Gallium 31Ga   99.9999 550~650/kg 24(S)
13 Zirconium 40Zr Containing Hafnium 72Hf 99.97 10,000/kg 24
14 Ruthenium 44Ru     580/g 24(S)
15 Rhodium 45Rh   High 2,600/g 24(S)
16 Palladium 46Pd   High 450/g 24(S)
17 Silver 47Ag   99.999 60/g 24
18 Cadmium 48Cd   99.999 25/g 24
19 Indium 49In   99.999 85,000/kg 24
20 Indium 49In   99.999 80,000/kg 24
21 Tin 50Sn   99.999 8,500/kg 24
22 Antimony 51Sb Zone refined 99.9999 36/g 24
23 Samarium 62Sm     120,000/kg 24
24 Osmium 76Os     3,100/g 24(S)
25 Iridium 77Ir     1,910/g 24(S)
26 Platinum 78Pt   99.95 2,000/g 24
27 Gold 79Au     750/g 24(S)
28 Lead 82Pb   99.999 8,500/kg 24(S)
29 Bismuth 83Bi   99.999 18/g 24

**Part of one special piece(see page 11)

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Metal Products

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
N-1-2-1 Sodium 11Na Discharge tube for high-pressure sodium lamp   24(S)
2 Titanium 22Ti Repair material for defects of the human cranium 10,000/** 24
3 Niobium 41Nb Pipe   24
4 Molybdenum 42Mo Foil for high-pressure mercury lamp 480/m 24
5 Tantalum 73Ta Nozzle for use in chemical industry   24
6 Tungsten 74W Coil for fluorescent lamps(20,30,40W)
and incandescent lamps(40,60,100W)
4.50/piece *** 24(S)


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Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
N-1-3-1 Boron Steel Low carbon steel with boron in extremely
small quantity for good hardenability.C0.17
Si0.31 Mn0.88 P0.015 S0.026 Cu0.18
Ni0.52 Cr0.41 Mo0.11 B0.0020
75,000/ton 24
2 Cast iron with spheroidal graphite Cast iron with ideal microstructure of ferrite
or pearite matrix and fully globulized graphite
FCD 40:C3.5 Si2.5 Mn0.33 P0.07 S0.006
130~140/kg 24
    Tensile strength:45kg/mm²
FCD 70:C3.1 Si2.1 Mn0.3 P0.06 S0.006 Ni1.2
    Tensile strength:78kg/mm²    
3 Dispersion-hardened steel Hardened by uniform dispersion of very fine particles of Al2O3 in Fe-25Cr-28Ni
base metal. An extremely durable heat-resistant alloy
4 Silicon steel sheet Cold-rolled oriented electrical steel strip,
0.3mm thickness.Si nearly 3%. Extremely
low selenium processing
230,000/ton 24
5 Nickel-base super heat-resistant alloy Udimet 700 Co18.70 Cr14.53 Mo5.08 Al4.53 Ti3.58 Zr0.03 C0.12 and Ni
Heat resistivity:900 ºC
10,000~12,000/kg 24
6 Cobalt-base super heat-resistant alloy GT-816 B Co40.60 Ni20.35 Cr19.90 Nb+Ta4.05
Fe3.80 Mn1.57 Si0.49 C0.38
Heat resistivity:800 ºC
4,500~5,000/kg 24
7 Extra super Duralumin The strongest aluminium alloy.Zn5.6 Mg2.5 Cu1.6 Cr0.25 and Al.Tensile
1,200/kg 24
8 Phosphor bronze Spring metal.Sn8.37 P0.17 and Cu
Tensile strength:74kg/mm²
9 Age-hardening Be2.0 Co0.2 Fe0.15 and Cu   24
  beryllium bronze Properties will change with ageing    
10 Brass 70%Cu 30%Zn 550/kg 24
11 Stainless Invar Co54.5 Fe35.5 Cr10.0
Thermal expansion coefficient:0.05x10-6 (-10 ºC ~ +50 ºC)
4,400/kg 24
12 Platinum-iron alloy Fe44 Pt56 Thermal expansion coefficient:-23.7x10-6
(-10 ºC ~ +40 ºC)
(This alloy shrinks on heating)
4,000/kg 24
13 Constant elastic modulus alloy Elkaloy I(*) Co36.6 Fe35.8 Cr10.9 Ni16.7
Thermal coefficient nearly zero;Young's modulus is very high
2,000/kg 24

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Alloy Products

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
N-1-4-1 High speed steel Twist drill, 6mm φ
W6 Mo5 Cr4 V2 and Fe
1,650/doz. 24
2 Austenitic steel For exhaust valve
Cr-Mn-Ni with W, V, Nb and N
3 Nickel-base super heat-resistant alloy Udimet 700 Turbine blade for jet engine(segment)   24
4 Cobalt-base super heat-resistant alloy GT 816 Turbine blade for jet engine(segment)   24
5 Type metal 1,850 characters of Japanese type
Pb81 Sn5 Sb14
6 Constant elastic Spring modulus alloy Elkaloy III(*) Spring
Co33.2 Fe39.9 Cr7.7 Ni15.4 Mo3.8
7 Constant elastic modulus alloy Elkaloy II(*) For wrist watch micro-balance wheel
Co32.9 Fe37.3 Cr9.8 Ni15.2 Mo4.8
8 Cemented carbide Igetaloy ST10P Tip for machine tool(throw-away type)
Flexural strength:130kg/mm²
810/each 24
9 Sintered alloy Oilless bearing, bronze. Porosity:20~25% 13.25/each 24
10 Alumite, specially coloured     24

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Storage No. Item Remarks Purity(%) Price Compartment
N-1-5-1 Carbon 6C Carbon electrode for dry battery   0.68/piece 24
2 Sulphur 16S     18,000/ton 24(S)
3 Selenium 34Se   99.90 5,000/kg 24(S)
4 Tellerium 52Te   99.90 8,000/kg 24(S)

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