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Surviving Evidence

Storage No. Item Remarks Compartment
N-22-1-1 Bamboo The surface exposed to radiation has turned white 11
2 Roof tile   11
3 Glass bottle   11
4 Charred earth   11
5 Ceramic   11
6 Rock   11
7 Wood From tree burned from the inside 11
8 Black nail**   11(S)

**See page 11

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Photographic Records(MF-1)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
N-22-2-1 The"Atomic Dome"(*) Photographed immediately after the explosion. August 6th, 1945 27
2 Aioi Bridge(1) 60 to 80 metres from the centre of the blast 27
3 Aioi Bridge(2) The blast jackknifed the bridge 27
4 Motoyasu Bridge Both parapets were blasted away and the stone lantern moved 27
5 Kamiyacho Many banks in this street were reduced tu ruins 27
6 Hondori View from Kamiyacho 27
7 Hatchobori district The heart of Hiroshima;viewed from the roof of the Chugoku Haiden(Electric Power)Company 27
8 Otemachi Otemachi 5-chome district from the roof of the Chugoku Haiden Company 27
9 Inari Bridge Steel railway bridge 27
10 Tokaichimachi and neighbourhood Some 600 metres from the blast centre;iron poles carrying power lines were twisted and flattened 27
11 Keloid burns(1) A victim's right shoulder and back 27
12 Keloid burns(2) A victim's left ankle 27
13 Radiation burns(1) Part of a soldier's body was protected by his shirt 27
14 Radiation burns(2) People walked with their arms in the air due to the pain from their burns 27
15 Seriously-injured schoolgirls Almost all schoolgirls in Hiroshima's secondary schools experienced the disaster 27
16 Seriously-injured infant   27
17 Emergency camp(1) Undamaged primary school buildings were turned into emergency hospitals and camps 27
18 Emergency camp(2) Seriously-injured soldiers of the Ujina Akatsuki division 27
19 Two hours after the explosion Citizens of Hiroshima gathered by the Miyuki Bridge 27
20 Thick-stemmed bamboo (moso) bamboo, exposed to radiation, growing 3,500 metres north of the blast centre 27

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