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Broadcasting Systems

Storage No. Item Remarks Compartment
N-26-1-1 Technical information relating to broadcasting networks Radio and television broadcasting networks with chart showing use of radio waves 18
2 Frequency allocation regulations Revised July, 1969 18

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Broadcasting Facilities and Equipment(Photographs:MF-1)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
N-26-2-1 Radio receiver AM, FM 27
2 Television receiver Colour 27
3 Television receiving antenna   27
4 General view of sound broadcasting studio Mainichi Broadcasting System Studio No.1 27
5 General view of television broadcasting studio Mainichi Broadcasting System "A" Studio 27
6 Microphone   27
7 Loudspeaker   27
8 Mixing room Sound broadcasting studio 27
9 Tape recorder   27
10 Mixing room Television broadcasting studio 27
11 Colour television camera   27
12 Video tape recorder   27
13 4-V Camera chain   27
14 1-V Camera chain   27
15 Master control room General view 27
16 STL transmitter Studio transmitting station link 27
17 Radio station   27
18 Television station   27
19 Radio transmitter   27
20 Television transmitter   27
21 STL antenna   27
22 Mobile unit   27
23 Terminal office of NTT**   27
24 Microwave repeater station of NTT**   27
25 KDD***satellite communication antenna   27
26 Syncom satellite   27

**Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
***Kokusai Denshin Denwa

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Television Broadcasting

16-mm motion picture with soundtrack(F-5). Planned by The Mainichi Newspapers and Matsushita
Electric Produced by Mainichi Film Productions

Storage No. Item Compartment
N-26-3-1 "Television Broadcasting, 1970" 27

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