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"Japanese Animaks and Birds Threatened with Extinction"(F-3)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
N-25-1-1 Crane(tancho)(*) Grus japonensis 27
2 White heron(shirasagi)(*)   27
3 Horseshoe crab (kabutogani)(*) Tachupleus tridentatus Leach 27
4 Giant salamander(osanshouo)(*) Megalobatrachus japonicus 27
5 Wildcat(Iriomoteyamaneko)(*) Mayailurus iriomotensis 27
6 Akita dog(Akitaken)(*)   27
7 Long-tailed cock(nagaodori)(*)   27
8 Rock ptarmigan(raicho)(*) Lagopus mutus 27
9 Japanese serow(kamoshika)(*) Capricornis crispus 27
10 White stork(konotori)(*) Ciconia ciconia 27
11 Crested ibis(toki)(*) Nipponia nippon T. 27
12 Short-tailed albatross(ahodori)(*) Diomedea albatrus 27

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"Scientific Topics"(F-1)

Storage No. Subject Remarks Compartment
N-25-2-1 Man sets foot on the moon "Apollo 11", USA, July 20th, 1965 27
2 Japanese space development(1) Tanegashima Space Centre, National Space Development Agency of Japan 27
3 Japanese space development(2) Uchinoura Space Centre 27
4 The Japanese Antarctic Expedition The expedition reaches the South Pole 27
5 Supersonic passenger plane "Concorde":Developed jointly by the United Kingdom and France 27
6 Heart transplant operation The first such operation performed in Japan 27
7 Cerebral tumour operation   27
8 Surgical treatment for cancer   27
9 Bathyscape The "Shinkai" 27
10 Desalination of sea water Desalination plant at the Himeji thermal power station of The Kansai Electric Power Company 27
11 Drilling for off-shore oil Drilling platform of The Teikoku Oil Company, off Niigata Prefecture 27
12 Construction of atomic Power station For The Kansai Electric Power Company, Mihama, Fukui Prefecture 27
13 Nuclear-powered ship "Mutsu", Japan 27
14 Nuclear-powered ship "Lenin", USSR. The first nuclear-powered icebreaker 27
15 Nuclear-powered ship "Savannah", USA. The first nuclear-powered merchant vessel 27
16 Japan's first multistorey building "Kasumigaseki Building", Tokyo 27
17 Japan's highway network The Meishin and Tomei expressways 27
18 High-speed rail transportation Construction of the Sanyo Shinkansen line 27
19 Subaqueous tunneling Seikan(Aomori-Hakodate)undersea tunnel 27
20 Shipbuilding 500,000 ton dockyard of Nippon Kokan, Tsu, Mie Prefecture 27
21 Symbol Zone at Expo '70   27
22 Development of Time Capsule Expo '70
The following subjects were appended:
End title 27
23 Japan's first artificial satellite "Osumi", launched February 11th, 1970, from Uchinoura Space Centre of Tokyo University's
Institute of Space and Aeronautic Science
24 Second moon landing Apollo 12, November 18th, 1969 27
25 "Man-Made Satellites:USSR" 35-mm motion picture sponsored by The Soviet Academy of Sciences. Extracted from "Soviet Space Development" 27
  "Sputnik 1" October 4th, 1957  
  First manned flight April 12th, 1961 Y.A. Gagarin  
  First woman in space June 16th, 1963 V.V. Tereshkova  
  First 3-man flight October 12th, 1964 "Voskhod 1"  
  First space-walk March 18th, 1965 A.A. Leonov  

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