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Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
N-2-1-1 Germanium(Ge) Specific resistance:15 Ω cm
75,000/kg 20
2 Silicon(Si) Specific resistance of epitaxial
layer:3.5~5.0 Ω cm(P-doped N-type)
Specific resistance of substrate:0.02 Ω cm(Sb-doped N-type)
1,763/sheet 20
3 Cadmium sulfide(CdS)   5,000/g 20(S)
4 Gallium arsenide(GaAs)   8,000/g 20(S)
5 Gallium phosphide(GaP)   100,000/g 20(S)
6 Zinc telluride(ZnTe) Specific resistance:45 Ω cm
Impurity concentration:1x1015/cm³
150,000/g 20(S)

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Piezoelectric Ceramics

Storage No. Item Remarks Price Compartment
N-2-2-1 Piezoelectric ceramics(PCM)(*) PbTiO3, PbZrO3, Pb(Mg.Nb)O3
ternary system
28/piece 20
2 Piezoelectric unit for gas igniter   78/piece 20
3 Pickup element   16.50/piece 20
4 TV audio signal trap resonator   25/piece 20
5 High-selectivity ceramic filter   300/piece 20
6 High temperature, high frequency(MLT)piezoelectric ceramic   3,000/piece 20

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Ferromagnetic Ceramics

Storage No. Item Price Compartment
N-2-3-1 Memory core of Mn-Mg-Li ferrite 10/piece 24
2 Memory plane of Mn-Mg-Li ferrite 4,100/set 24
3 Ni-Zn ferrite 2~3/piece 24
4 Transformer core of Ni-Zn ferrite 2~3/piece 24
5 High permeability Mn-Zn ferrite   24
6 Carrier wave filter core of low-loss, high-stability Mn-Zn ferrite 450/set 24
7 High-frequency band transformer core of super high-permeability Mn-Zn ferrite 400/set 24
8 Crucible-shaped core of Mn-Zn ferrite for 240-channel transmission 210/piece 24
9 Deflecting coil yoke of Mn-Zn ferrite for colour TV 230/piece 24
10 Hot pressed Mn-Zn ferrite(*) 6,000/piece 24
11 Multi-channel head of hot-pressed Mn-Zn ferrite for casstte tape recorder(*) 1,200/piece 24
12 Magnetic head of hot-pressed Mn-Zn ferrite for video tape recorder(*) 3,600/piece 24
13 SN coil of dust core 40/piece 24
14 Al-y-Fe garnet(Al-YIG)(*) 5,000/sphere 24

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Storage No. Item Remarks Compartment
N-2-4-1 KS magnet Pioneering high coercive force alloy magnet 24
2 OP magnet First artificial oxide magnet 24
3 MK magnet High energy product 24
4 NKS magnet High coercive force 24
5 Vicalloy High residual magnetization 24
6 ESD magnet High energy product magnet of theoretically elongated single domain 24
7 ESD magnet powder   24(S)
8 Barium ferrite magnet High coercive force 24
9 Strontium ferrite magnet High coercive force 24
10 Pt-Co magnet High coercive force and high energy product 24
11 Mn-Al magnet High coercive force 24
12 Rare earth-Co magnet(Sm-Co) High coercive force and high energy product 24
13 Rare earth-Co magnet(Ce-Co) High coercive force and high energy product 24

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